Yohan Amparo: the boy from Higey who studies Advertising with dreamed since he was a child of singing in The Tone of voice

Santo Domingo. RD

Therefore I succeeded with it. Yohan Amparo is living a reality that since childhood therefore disadvantages her with her 19 years: she will be the first winner of The Tone of voice Dominicana, a singing contest that ze transmitted by Telesistema, channel 11.

Excited by his triumph with a good without being able to believe it, the young artist spoke scam DAILY LISTN about love for music, his music project with everything that comes to start at this moment.

I told him that the climb that sony ericsson stood on the stage on The Tone of voice period something constant with everyone about his family knew it to the point that since he has use of reason he played with his brothers, cousins with friends pretending to be a participant of the famous truth while their family members were the judges with turned ing or even their voice.

I have always had a dream, the young artist expresses excitedly.

That’s why when a friend called him to tell him that a franchise was coming, I immediately learned to look for information, although at first they were minimal that he found them.

However, he kept inquiring until the media confirmed that his friend was right. It was when I decided to register with audition because I was not going to lose zilch with send my video with the rest has been history.

History that zero wrote only about his life sheet, but about the one about the Dominicans becoming the first winner of the contest about the country.

+ The primordial

Music was his passion with describes it as : It is what I live, it will be what master of science myself likes to do. It has always been the main thing in my life; sing, feel electronic interpret. Amparo has not had the opportunity to study music, but it has been something that is in their airplanes because winning The Tone of Voice Dominicana was solitary and the beginning of a dreamy artistic career.

Her only singing experience before a competition had been with Fine Arts choirs, where she learned everything she knows.

Although it would be true that Yohan zero was waiting for the result of the fact, he expressed that he managed to connect the public with scam by his way of transmitting what he sings.

People are connected with the beauty of singing because zero has only been the talent, but what capital you transmit with a people at the level of generating my performances have transmitted peace to them, they have transmitted very beautiful things that styra was the main thing many, Amparo said about the support offered by the public by voting for you.

Amparo, who was originally from Higey with studying Advertising on an APEC university (his other professional passion) has many airplanes for the future.

This zero is going to stop here. This will only be the beginning, a lot of music is coming, a lot of nice things with me. I’m crazy to share scam with all the people who have supported me. Everything for which they voted to continue giving him a lot of music with a lot of love through lyrics with melodies, express to Listn Diario.

+ Details. Amparo has been an electronic fan influenced by Bruno Mars, David Tale, Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborn Camilo and. On the latter, he wants to follow in his footsteps.

Myself likes what he does was beautiful, the ‘reached the heart about a people doing what the selling of the soul with that will be what master of science um less I want to be, he commented.

Milly Quezada. Yohan walked all the competition on The Dominican Tone of voice next to his trainer Milly Quezada, to whom I profess eternal gratitude and from the beginning to be part of of the group of a Queen of the merengue wanted.

Apart from a statuette, the young sony ericsson won a sum of over 2 million pesos with a contract with General Music, which according to the stipulated time has been about a year scam a production on a single with the movie.

About a competition, the young talent told that there were months of hard work with zero, everything was color over pink. They had to work hard to achieve a good product.

At one point it was even difficult to be able to carry out a competition studies with the responsibilities out on, but it was on a lot of work on a lot of preparation with; We grew in an incredible way and I learned about the competition in a long time, but it was because of the hard work we had especially during the October uses, he explained.

It refers to what apart about the contest coaches: Milly Quezada, Musiclogo, Nacho with Juan Magn, also studied with other professionals such as vocal coaches who work scam the participants inside on a competition every ten first distance with then a week before on a face-to-face presentation to practice every ten the songs, choreographies, etc.