Rawdy Reales, The Health Influencer

Rawdy Reales, known as The Health Influencer, is the Colombian internist who has taken advantage of his profession and social networks to educate thousands of people in this field.

Passionate about his career and with the interest that the general public can know the basics in medicine, Rawdy decided five years ago to use digital tools by disseminating educational videos from about health.

The doctor of, 30 years, it disseminates one-minute explanatory videos, informing, guiding and offering advice from how to take care of the family’s health to the ways to act in an emergency.

It also has its company; Gescons Educa, where it has trained more than 30 a thousand health professionals in the last year, with 26 a thousand active students, 30 a thousand graduates and courses carried out has a presence in more than 26 countries, including: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, among others.

Rawdy only on Instagram (@ dr.rawdy) has over 727 thousand followers and his health education videos have millions of views. While on TikTok it has more than four million followers and on Facebook almost two million.

My project arose spontaneously, approximately five years ago. One day out of nowhere and the memes began to become so famous that I began to create them, but academic content always with the unconditional support of my family. My inspiration is the students of the health area and everyone who wants to learn and take care of themselves from home, said the doctor.

Rawdy, born Valledupar in, the land of vallenato, is a doctor specialized in medicine intern, university professor and creator of digital content, who has been decorated by several universities around the world.

Thanks to the work he does on social networks, he received recognition from the Ministry of Health and Protection Social de Colombia in the framework of the blogger’s day.

The young doctor, who currently resides in Bogota, completed an undergraduate degree at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Seccional Santa Marta and a specialization at the Universidad Libre de Barranquilla.

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