On Santiago it is commented: the death of a great human being, Reinaldo

Hello, good morning! I’m sad, Reinaldo Pared Prez was a great human being, a man of solidarity, with a great intellectual formation, a beautiful friendship joined me with his family, his wife Ingrid Mendoza de Pared, a great woman, who took care of him until the last of his years. dieses, a great support in all aspects, even political. Rest on peace dear great friend with. My consolation to his mother Milagros Prez widow Pared, his brothers, wife electronic children.

You lived to serve

They were one about one morning last Friday, I am reading the digital newspapers, I see a whatsapp about Luis Medrano that said La semblanza sobre Reinaldo, myself called attention with solitary and even thought he died? I opened the conversation and you, even that, said that I learned suicide. My God, I could not believe it, what happened, he called his brother, my dear Carlitos Pared, his voice sounded desperate, anguished, he personally told me it would be true zero could tell me master of science anything with. At that time who would master of science call, I woke up Welcome Prez, Julio Cesar Valentn to give the news to Luis with, who wrote the information of brown sad information, then a twitter of Roberto Rodríguez Marchena, late in the morning the newspapers Traditionalists placed the unfortunate news on their digitals with the dawn of that day as it ended. About the morning, the programs commented, the networks, the political leaders, everyone, the members of the PLD suspended their activities, his many friends, his close brothers, followers, all highlighted the qualities that adorned this great figure in the political sphere. with the right, a man of a great personality, he loved life, music, good atmosphere, good reading, always dressed in the latest fashion, loyal to his friends, fighter, determined, loved with like all leaders , he also had his critics. Rest, may the earth make you brief, great friend.


Myself drew attention to a Right-handed journalist, post on his account that Leonel wrote Twitter giving Danilo the first condolences about. How much poison at a time like that, when a very close character and boy dies, the reaction has not been quick, because the impact was not to offer news as if it were a correspondent. Hate grabs us, just like the published photos. What is happening so much evil scam?

Bank on Reserves

The National Symphony Orchestra was found last Thursday on the Gran Teatro del Cibao, directed by that great teacher, Jos Antonio Molina, a great concert on the occasion of the bank’s 80th anniversary on Reserves, scam a presence on its common administrator Samuel Pereyra with officials on this institution, several artists 2 great tributes with. We will give master of science details about this lavish show. Until next time. [email protected]