Miguel Bos “pulverizes” prejudices on his memories, which come out one of 10

Los Angeles, USA

“A son of captain thunder” is the title of the memoirs of the artist Miguel Bos that will reach the bookstores next 10 November, according to anordna this Tuesday a publisher Espasa announced, which highlights its capacity about “pulverizing prejudices”.

A story that begins, Espasa explains about a statement, like the stories: “some children lost the mercy about an almighty father, accustomed to the fact that his will was law, with an overwhelming mother about legendary beauty.” They were this famous bullfighter Luis Miguel Domingun with the actress with model Luca Bos.

“Generous with bold as we have never seen it, an author offers us a lesser-known face on memorable characters, from a vulnerable Picasso with twilight, ‘s beautiful with cursed Helmut Berger,” says an editorial, which explains how this reader assist on a tale the capeas taurinas scam Sofa Loren with Carlo Ponti, Deborah Kerr, Claudia Cardinale um John Wayne.

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