Man who handed the gun to Alec Baldwin breaks the silence

The man who gave actor Alec Baldwin the loaded gun that sleeping pad to the director of photography in the set of the traditional western “Rust” expressed his shock and sadness this Monday, in his first public comments since the tragedy that He enlisted in Hollywood.

David Halls, assistant director on “Rust”, fixed on one eye of the hurricane since admitting on the scam interrogation a police officer that zero had completely checked this weapon that he handed over to him. to Baldwin before the incident that cost Halyna Hutchins a life on a filming location over New Mexico.

In a statement sent to the New York Write-up newspaper this Monday, Halls acknowledged being ” about shock with sad “for a death on Hutchins, but zero I learned referred to directly ing shooting um the his participation on a chain about events.

” Halyna Hutchins zero period only one about the most people talented with whom I have worked, also period u Not a friend “but, Halls wrote.

” I hope this tragedy leads an industry to revalue its values ​​with practices to ensure that no one is hurt during a creative process, “he added.

Along with scam a gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, Halls period responsible for manipulating with checking the weapons on the collection, announcing when a gun was “cold” with, a jargon used on this cinema to warn that a gun is unloaded .

Halls told detectives that he “should have checked” that all the bullets on a Colt revolver. 45 were fake. “But I didn’t,” he acknowledged, agreeing that he has information included in the search warrants that the authorities used to enter this Bonanza Creek Ranch, the location where an incident occurred.

A bullet shot by Baldwin during this rehearsal pierced a body on Halyna Hutchins electronic impact on this shoulder’s director on a film, Joel Souza. Hutchins, 42, died of the injury.

Some 100. 000 People have signed a petition to permanently remove firearms from models, pointing out that some desired effects, such as loud sound or flashes, can be easily added in post-production.

In his statement, Halls also said he is “overwhelmed by a love with this support.” “My feelings are that it includes everyone who knew with loved Halyna,” he wrote.

AFP requested a comment from his lawyer, but zero responded immediately.

His statement ze comes 2 days later that sony ericsson learned of the first comments about Baldwin, over 63 years, who told reporters that a tragedy was “an episode out of one in a billion.”

This American professional said that I learned the advice zero to speak about a shooting because an investigation is ongoing.

The prosecutor zero styra ruled out filing charges for this shooting.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza pointed out that the real “zero bullets should be” over a shooting location. “There was some complacency in this arrangement,” he opined. Ahead of the shooting, citing major safety concerns about firearms with explosives on the scene.

Camera aide Lane Luper wrote to the producers about his resignation email that the security procedures for filming shootings were “fast with lax.”

“So far ‘there have been 2 accidental gun discharges with an accidental explosion on special effects near the equipment between takes,” Luper wrote about an email, according to NBC. “To be clear, there were NO security meetings these days.”

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