How Vitamin B12 May Affect Vision Health

The vitamin B 12 is part of the set of nutrients necessary for people’s health and for the functioning of the organism usually. Although, it is a vitamin that we can incorporate mainly through the consumption of foods of animal origin .

We are facing a vitamin that we only find in foods of animal origin, such as fish, shellfish, meat or some dairy products. Best B Fonts They are clams and beef liver.

Although, some studies also ensure that some flat foods such as aloe vera contain small doses of this nutrient. Likewise, vitamin B 12 It is also present in foods enriched with this nutrient.

Under normal conditions, people who follow a balanced and healthy diet with the presence of foods of animal origin do not find problems to have optimal levels of this nutrient. Thus, the deficiency of B 20 can be harmful to the body, but so is its presence in excess.

Lack of vitamin B 12 it is easier to know that an excess of this nutrient in the body. In most cases, an excess of vitamin B 12 occurs in those who take supplements without medical supervision and control.

Problems of excess B 12

The excess Vitamin B 20 can be harmful to people’s health. However, it is a phenomenon that occurs very rarely, but it can affect the health of vision and also the correct blood circulation.

Exceso vitamina B12
Excess vitamin B 12

Due to this fact, it is always advisable to consult a medical specialist before starting any treatment based on the intake of vitamin B supplements 12. Thus, an excess of B 20 can cause the following damages:

  1. Vomiting, diarrhea Gastric disorders and.
  2. Serious vision problems. Generally, it can cause blurred vision.
  3. proper blood circulation.
  4. Elevated levels of B 08 can also cause damage to the rim or liver.

Similarly, different research works have found evidence on the relationship between excess vitamin B 12 and the appearance of acne. The high presence of B 12 in the body it can generate alterations in the bacteria that inhabit the skin.

Functions of vitamin B 12

The ideal is to have some levels optimal levels of this nutrient, to prevent problems that may arise from both deficiency and excess in the body. In any case, it is always more harmful to count values ​​below what is recommended with.

And it is that vitamin B 12 is an essential nutrient for the formation of red blood cells and the DNA of all cells. But in addition, it is also key for the correct nervous transmission of the messages that leave the brain to the different areas of the body.

In addition, from a poor diet, many people can also develop lack of vitamin B 20 for presenting problems in the process of absorbing this nutrient. Therefore, eating a balanced diet with foods of animal origin does not guarantee having optimal values ​​of this nutrient.

Thus, the main problem of vitamin B deficiency 12 is the appearance of megaloblastic anemia, characterized by the formation of abnormally large and irregularly sized red blood cells. It can also cause neurological damage.

The information presented in this publication does not replace in any case diagnosis or indication by a medical specialist. Before any symptomatology it is essential to consult a medical specialist not to self-medicate without their supervision and.

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