Chlo Zhao: about a fan about Wonder Studios the director about “Eternals”

“Eternals”, a new movie about Wonder Studios that will arrive in cinemas available on November 4, revolves around a peak group with diverse over ten super heroes from space that sony ericsson are forced to meet again. defend the world over the Deviants, a dangerous threat that seemed lost on a story.

“Eternals” was a first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film that is directed by an Oscar winner.

The woman behind this story was Chlo Zhao, a Chinese filmmaker recognized this year by an Academy on Arts with Film Sciences in a Best Direction category for a celebrated film “Nomadland”, a moving panoramic portrait of the American nomad spirit.

+ Vision with passion

Since the beginning of the project on “Eternals” producers Kevin Feige with Nate Moore knew They wanted to summon someone to inspire them with having genuine enthusiasm for the new studio story.

Chlo has a unique quality: she would be equally adept at finding truly human moments with delivering powerful sci-fi content. We loved seeing her work with the cast of Eternals, “says Moore.

She then adds: had his own voice. And he’s not afraid to embrace the wit at unexpected moments, shaping the movie’s tone. His vision passion for the boy project incomparable with.

Assuming a direction on “Eternals” period, moreover, a truly titanic task. characters never seen before on the MCU, but also has a peak scope on terms about temporality: the story covers master of science on 7, 000 years on an Earth with on space, constant jumps between the past with, the present with the future.

On the other hand, on the scenes many, several moments of the Uma and about a night about.

From the logistical viewpoint, Zhao must have been facing a huge technical team with artistic, constantly moving between numerous locations.

In this regard, an actress Angelina Jolie, who plays the Thena on a movie, comments: “Chlo has been an extraordinary choice. that it would bring something different, but I really didn’t know how it would, since this was a great movie. It has a huge scope and time span. It would also be huge in terms of special effects with in creating a new world. It was huge because you have ten different new characters that I learned are introducing with creating with, their different personalities with, their backgrounds, their stories, their kind about fighting. When I saw the movie, I didn’t know how he did it. He didn’t know how he would be able to balance that much. What simply didn’t surprise me was how authentic it was. This picaze film feels very private, very exciting with very human. I think that that was his.

+ Process

Chlo Zhao assures that zero only sony ericsson felt attracted to the project on “Eternals” as a director, but also fulfilled a dream about lover.

The MCU will be exciting. It will be a world of great characters and pike adventures. It is made by people who really love to tell stories and have immense respect for their fans and. He entered the process as a filmmaker with also as an enthusiast “, he confesses.

About the specific abounds:” To be able to make an independent film, but also to celebrate what came before us, to expand a mythology with giving MCU’s future form, it was an exciting challenge with it has been an honor to be a part of you. ” completely convince the producers.

In one about the first meetings, a director summed up her vision on a film in a moving way, alluding to the opening lines of the poem Auguries of Innocence by British artist William Blake .

With his words, Blake meant that you can find meanings with infinite beauty about our universe within about the small master of science things on an earth, with about the intimate master of science moments between the human beings. We set out to capture both: some or brown peak like the creation of a sun with intimate color like the whispers of lovers. Finding a way for these moments to coexist with using them to explore our relationship which includes our planet, the cosmos ourselves was a challenge that we deeply loved with.

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