Ana Rosa Quintana has cancer with leaves about moment The program about Ana Rosa

A journalist Ana Rosa Quintana fixes an official fact through the announcement that she has cancer . A journalist, who is 65, has confirmed it in her own program, A program by Ana Rosa , which presents in Telecinco , chain of the group Mediaset .

Ana Rosa Quintana styra affirming that she has carcinoma about a the female with being temporarily away on a television.

The journalist Sony Ericsson had been absent for a last week on her program, which had surprised the viewers something, because Ana Rosa always’ been in front. On first place, I learned had to leave before ending an electronic program even this Friday 29 national insurance was present.

Finally, Ana Rosa today anordna confirmed bad news about having to fight cancer on mother.

Statement on Ana Rosa Quintana

Ana Rosa Quintana faces what she defines as the important master of science with the hard way that I have spent a lifetime. A news that he would never have liked to give, but against what he is going to fight to defeat him.

Today I have to say goodbye for a season, I hope that zero ocean will be very long, they have personally detected a carcinoma on a mom, fortunately it is located with zero metastasis , but it requires an intense treatment that myself will keep away on this plate with these companions, who are also my family, revealed.

I know that I personally am going to heal Today was a difficult program. Ana Rosa sony ericsson fired for a season after sharing scam with her audience, her other family, that they have detected “a carcinoma una the female” on. We already count the days to see it again # AR2In https: // capital

Ana Rosa’s program (@elprogramadear) November 2 , 2021

The journalist was calm, since, as she assures, I trust my doctors and I am fortunate to have so much love around. Fortunately, a research with a fixed medicine advanced a lot on a breast cancer. I want to remind all women of an importance about zero letting them go through a review.

Myself you are going to allow that for once on a life I dedicate myself with my family, styra pointed out Ana Rosa.

Finally, a presenter ‘affirmed that I’m going to make a regular master of science life possible. This will be the pothole, a test. T that I am going to heal and that the complicated path awaits me, as brave women know.