Actress Alba Roversi, about starring in telenovelas the dealer about packages

Venezuelan actress Alba Roversi, known for starring in famous soap operas such as Ligia Elena, Virginia, among others, changed the forums on recording for a truck to deliver packages.

In an interview with Telemundo , the interpreter told how her life has been over the last few years with what led her to be a delivery person on packages on Las Vegas, United States: In this background, what really matters is bringing a bread to the house.

the actress details that she works from 6 o’clock: 30 on the morning on Monday the Saturday distributing some 150 packages of uma after uma: It has been a very hard change, said the actress while thanking this fundamental about her partner about a process on migration support.

This fact about an actress, known, who has come had a lot of fame, that I know so many countries about, that my novels have been translated so many languages ​​about, manifest.

Roversi arrived t I have Miami about a year 2011 where I ventured into this theater with about soap operas including Blood on my land, Husband on rent, with Brave Heart.

In 2019, she moved to Las Vegas where a well-known brother offered her a job as a delivery person on a man who assures that she does it scam I very much hope with dedication.

In Venezuela she is remembered for having a wide trajectory on novels. Some of the productions she was in were: Ligia Elena, All the Amazons, A Traitor, Pampered Nia, Painted Face, Blessed City, A Perfect Woman, among others.

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