8 tips to strengthen the immune system of our body

The immune system is one of the most complicated and important machinery that we have inside us. For this reason, it is best to follow some of the tips most repeated by the experts to take care of it and improve our health.

And thank you to this we are going to prevent a large number of diseases . Among them, the viruses that cause the common cold and the flu .

In this sense , there are some recommendations that the experts confirm so that we can enjoy a good quality of life and the correct functioning of the immune system .

Since We are born, we do it with an immune system called innate that will help us avoid any type of infection. Thus, the immune system has an innate part that allows us to defend the organism practically from our birth.

Next, we are going to talk about the tips most recommended by specialists to maintain a healthy immune system as long as possible.

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That s, if you perceive some kind of functioning or strange change in your organism , it is best that you consult your doctor with. In this way you will avoid any type of subsequent problem.

8 tips to strengthen the immune system

There are some vitamins that are essential to keep the immune system strong. Some of these vitamins and minerals for the functioning of the immune system are vitamin M, vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, selenium or iron.

  • Avoid stressful situations. Stress and anxiety situations can make you weaken our defenses. Making us more prone to diseases.
  • Exercise regularly. This will make your defenses increase their activity.
  • Watch your diet . Food is the foundation of good health. For this reason, we must take care of it as much as possible. Including in our day to day foods that provide us with the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Includes in your diet probiotic foods. These are a very rich source of beneficial properties for the microbiota. Which is going to translate into better health and a good functioning of the immune system.
  • Eat nuts and red fruits. These are very rich in antioxidants, essential to improve the protection of the immune system.
  • Eat garlic and onion. Both foods will make your defenses increase their performance. These foods, due to their antiviral and antifungal power, protect the body from winter colds.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Although they may seem like less harmful drugs, tobacco and alcohol will immediately worsen your health.
  • Cook the food so that it does not lose its vitamins and nutrients. To achieve this, it is best to introduce the vegetables when the water it’s already boiling. Preventing you from soaking too long.

All this will make your Immune system stays strong and you can avoid suffering from some types of illnesses such as colds, flu, or other more serious ones such as some types of cancer. What can be caused by following bad habits during our lives.

How does stress affect the immune system?

The great problem for the health of the immune system arises when the stress is established in time and becomes an affection chronic. When this occurs it not only affects the immune system, but also the health of the body in general.

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If you want to prevent your defenses from worsening their activity, it is best that you incorporate foods that control the functioning of the nervous system. Avoiding situations of stress and anxiety that can weaken the activity of the immune system .

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