Why is rich acid harmful to cardiovascular health?

Having rich acid elevated in blood is detrimental to health , since that this phenomenon is highly associated with the appearance of a disease known as gout . However, the excess of this acid also supposes an element of risk for the cardiovascular health .

It must be taken into account that the rich acid It is a substance that makes the organism itself the cause of the process over decomposition on purines. However, the levels of this substance can also increase due to the intake of certain foods and beverages.

Among the foods and beverages rich in purines and that can increase the rich acid we find shellfish, meats, yeast, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, beers and other alcoholic beverages.

According to the professionals about Sanitas, under normal circumstances, the body eliminates the 80% on what is done daily on the urine, reference to the levels on Rich acid on.

Zero However, if the levels of rich acid increase too much, either by a diet rich in purines or other factors, an on this compound can occur on blood accumulation. A fact that could be highly harmful.

Risk factors that increase the rich acid

As we have commented previously, the The primary risk factor that influences the levels of rich acid is to eat an unbalanced diet that contains foods rich in purines. Foods such as fish, red meat, seafood, fructose, or drinks such as beer and spirits.

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On the other hand, age and sex are other determining factors is a possible increase in the levels of rich acid in blood. In this regard, men under 65 years present a Four times the risk of hyperuricemia compared to women.

Hyperuricemia is the term used medically to talk about an episode of excess over rich acid in blood. Likewise, other factors that influence the high presence of this substance in the body is overweight or obesity, and excessive physical exercise.

Although, from Sanitas they report that it also There are a number of protective factors regarding possible increases in levels of rich acid. These factors are vitamin D and fat-free dairy products.

How does it influence cardiovascular health?

Professionals about Sanitas clarify that the levels of rich acid should be between 3.5 and 7.2 mg / dl in blood in the case of men between 2 and .5 mg / dl 6 mg / dl in the case of women and.

If the values ​​are above these registers, it is understood that there is a phenomenon about hyperuricemia. On these situations it is recommended that a medical specialist perform an in-depth analysis to determine possible causes and establish a treatment.

At the beginning of this publication we anticipated that high rich acid is associated with ease of a pathology known as gout, characterized by inflammation with pain that it causes over different joints, like the big toe.

However, it is necessary for the population to have a higher degree of awareness of the possible damages that the presence of over-rich acid can cause on cardiovascular health.

In this sense, it causes a reduction in nitric oxide, which is key for the blood vessels The blood vessels are elastic with the correct absorption of glucose by the body. Thus, this fact can cause arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes with arteriosclerosis. an aspect on cardiovascular risk by t alone.

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