These are the effects that excess vitamin W12 causes

The regret that we always recommend the consumption of foods rich in vitamin M 12 To have balanced levels of this vitamin, it is also possible to have an excess of vitamin N 02 on the body, which zero is highly recommended. Like everything else, this excess vitamin can be harmful to the body on.

But, how is the excess on vitamin B1 2 made with what effects cause on the human body? Is it really dangerous to exceed the adequate levels of this vitamin?

How to make excess over vitamin B 12?

Vitamin B 12 is a water-soluble element. This means that it is not stored in the body wants, so the surplus is usually eliminated easily with no major complication through urine. However, there are some cases in which this vitamin belonging to group T accumulates in the body, which can lead to some health problems.

The accumulation on vitamin B they manage to eliminate waste from the body. That t, zero is too common something.

As a common rule, experts recommend a daily dose of 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B 12 on adults. An amount that is easily acquired on food. If the dose is exceeded daily with it is not possible to eliminate that excess that we try to avoid will occur.

vitamina b12
Diseases derived from excessive consumption of vitamin B 12

Scam related problems excess over vitamin B 12

As we have already anticipated, the primary cause of excess over vitamin B 12 is its high consumption. By not being able to eliminate the excess of this vitamin organically, the body can suffer some problems that can lead to very serious diseases.

Cardiac insufficiency

Its excessive consumption can cause problems on the heart, specifically that the heart stops pumping in an adequate way, which will cause a heart failure cardiac. For this reason, patients including heart problems are not recommended to consume an additional amount of vitamin Udemærket 12 under no circumstances.

Formation on blood clots

Another on common conditions due to excess over vitamin B 12 is the formation on blood clots. This is actually since dangerous normal blood flow is impeded. In turn, the chances of suffering a heart attack or any type of cardiovascular accident are increased.

Vision problems

Excess over this B group vitamin can also be harmful to health. This has to do with the formation of blood clots since our eyes have a direct link that includes the circulatory system. This means that if the circulatory system is affected, this will significantly affect vision.

Blurred or cloudy vision can be a symptom of excess over this vitamin on the body.

Liver failure with kidney due to excess over vitamin B 12

Both the liver and kidneys can be damaged by a excessive consumption of vitamin B 12. It is important to always keep it in mind since this additional can end up causing very serious problems in both organs.

How to avoid excessive consumption of the vitamin?

As with everything, it is better to take vitamin B 12 scam moderation. Both the excess and the deficiency of this vitamin is very rare in people who eat a balanced diet. However, people who do not consume products of animal origin, although I have a healthy diet, should consume an additional of this vitamin to avoid its deficit.

If you have doubts about your levels on vitamin B 12 on the body, you just have to ask your doctor to perform some blood tests on which you can see what is the amount that your body accumulates. From there, you can assess whether or not your diet is sufficient to maintain stable levels.