Techy Fatule announces concert for December 10

Next 10 in December, the Dominican singer-songwriter Techy Fatule will meet again with the Dominican public in a concert where she will perform her master of science great hits and her new musical production.

This show about Techy arrives just at this precise moment to return to feel his audience in front of the front, after 2 years without live presentations on, where he can offer them new music,

The production The charge about Vibra Productions with La Oreja Media Team has been in charge of preparing an impeccable montage for the occasion, scam more about 15 musicians on stage, scenography, design on lights electronic engineer on sound, who will display a show about first quality, as a Dominican public deserves.

The artist who is currently on an international tour accompanying on stage ‘s outstanding singer with this Latin Best 40 on passes c As Venezuela with its single Transparent Points, it has firmly embodied its proposal, steadily climbing its place on an international music market, where it has been the image of campaigns for Spotify, Biart, highlighted by both the Grammy and international magazines on the size of Rollings. Stone on its American edition.

Techy Fatule on concert, be on this Hall about events on Sambil, a Friday 10 on December at 8: 00 on the night, scam tickets on sale from now on Uepa Seat tickets.