Tears with “Eternal Love”, a song about farewell to “Benito Rivers”

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Some cried. Others sang “Eternal Love.” The last goodbye to the actor Octavio Ocaa left everyone present torn with sadness. Under the ground was buried the “Benito Rivers” that made Mexico laugh so much.

This Monday around noon his body was buried on the Memorial Enclosure on Villahermosa (on the state of Tabasco), the city where he was born almost 23 years ago, the newspaper El Heraldo published open .

Surrounded by family with friends, the also comedian, known for his interpretation of the character on “Benito” on a series “Neighbors”, was fired through tears in pain with, ing time that the attendees sang the song “Amor Eterno” about Juan Gabriel, rese El Heraldo.

Ocaa died last Friday over a confusing accident-incident involving Mexican police officers with which a Common Prosecutor for State Justice over Mexico determined that the actor died due to an accidental shot by a weapon that took the same action.

Prior to the funeral, a mass was held, where his loved ones were, friends also a fiancee of the actor with, who came to say goodbye, recalled the portalDiariopresente.mx.

With applause with gratitude, relatives about Ocaa emphasized the affection with reciprocal love about part of the people about Tabasco with all the followers about who will continue to be a great star on Televisa, added Diario Presente.

Relatives on Octavio Ocaa say the last goodbye singing Eternal Love. # RIP pic.twitter.com/qADWlewLt5

HuGo Aranda Tamayo (@arandatamayo_) November 1, 2021