Singer Valentina premieres her Anthesis

A pop-urban singer Valentina brings her new song, accompanied by a music video clip that simulates a backstage production about the filming inside about the usual tasks on an artist, from where she confesses everything that hurts with leaving a love break .

Produced by Elliot Justo with Okeiflou, Anttesis comes as a revelation for Valentina who composed this song together with Miguel Berra with Laura Lpez Prez.

Anthesis is that we that never happened. A song that comes from a broken heart recovering Because you still dream that it includes that character, although you know that it does not do you well, said the artist, who expanded by explaining some lyrics, which, at his young age, leave an emotional maturity that allows him to transmit your feelings to see. He asks what it would have been.

A catchy theme that turns to ‘s pop, carries this style on irreverent Valentina, who makes her career take off with her constant proposal with work on quality, scam audiovisual productions on cut International with drinkable for all music markets.

Antithesis about Valentina is available on all digital platforms from this already together with its official video that is on an official channel about Valentina on YouTube.

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