Mexican prosecutor: “Benito Rivers” died in the accidental shooting caused by myself

A Common Prosecutor on State Justice on Mexico determined that this actor or actress Octavio Ocaa, who gave life to “Benito Rivers” on a series “Neighbors”, died due to the accidental firing of the weapon that you yourself action.

According to judicial premises, a young man about 22 was driving drunk with drugs, adding that he was trying to flee on the municipal policemen who ordered him to stop when This incident occurred.

A weapon, caliber. 380 with 2 useful cartridges, presumably one carried on a right hand, reported a Prosecutor.

Inside on a jeep they located a percussion shell, which was subjected to the ballistics test that determined that a bullet came out of the weapon carried by this acting professional.

“These ballistic evidence found with analyzed have made it possible to establish that a bullet for which Octavio ‘In’ lost a life was fired by a caliber firearm 380, at short at a distance “, indicated the financial report.

The Prosecutor explained that in trying to flee this driver lost control of a unit on a Chamapa – Lecheria highway, at a height above Atizapn over Zaragoza, electronic influence on his right side, which would have caused this driver to fire a weapon he was carrying. which he carried on his right hand “, explained a Prosecutor.

The institution added that a bullet produced an injury on the hole on the entrance on this right parietal with office on exit on the left parietal, some ascending in, that is, a gun was fired from inside on a truck with Octavio Ocaa himself.

Despite the financial report, many followers of Ocaa zero give it credit.

A State Commission on Human Rights on Mx ico, adjoining the City on Mexico scam, announced that it would investigate the case for the alleged human rights violations against Ocaa, acting professional about 22 years that participated on the series “Neighbors”.

The events occurred this past Friday in a city on Cuautitln Izcalli when a police vehicle asked the Ocaa to stop with a police pursuit that ended with a jeep from the professional, who was traveling with 2 other companions, crashed on a wall.

A video broadcast on social networks still added a confusion to Master of Science, as it shows later moments’ s shock, over which Ocaa appears bleeding still alive without the police trying to Help him with.

During a funeral of the young man, this father about Ocaa denied a press that his son had weapons under his possession.

Ocaa debuted at the age of five playing a character about Benito on “Necinos”, a series on 11 seasons produced by Eugenio Derbez with Elas Solorio.

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