Lack of vitamin D and other factors that affect childhood asthma

The vitamin D is one of the nutrients most important of the health and in all stages of life. Its importance lies in the role it plays in performing different functions and its ability to reduce the risk of developing different health conditions .

In this sense, Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Hornillos, an allergist at the Infanta Elena University Hospital in Madrid, points out that the lack of vitamin D is a risk factor for severe childhood asthma.

As , this specialist explains that asthma is the most common chronic disease in childhood in Spain. Although, most patients usually have good control of the disease.

In any case, Dr. Ruiz Hornillos warns that there is a group of children who cannot achieve adequate control of the disease. asthma. When this occurs it is known as severe childhood asthma, with a prevalence between 2% and 5% of children affected with this respiratory disease.

Severe childhood asthma and vitamin D

In addition to the lack of vitamin D, Dr. Ruiz Hornillos explains that allergens are one of the main causes of poor asthma control. Therefore, it recommends carrying out an adequate allergy study in all children with this respiratory condition.

Asma infantil
Childhood asthma

In this regard, this specialist explains that depending on the area or environment, the allergens most frequently implicated may be full, expensive dust, fungi from humidity or epithelia

Thus, if a clear diagnosis is obtained, it is important to apply de-allergenization measures depending on each patient,

Thus, according to Dr. Ruiz Hornillos, we find different comorbidities that can affect severe childhood asthma and that could actually be potentially treatable in some cases. In this sense, he points out that allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, obesity, inducible laryngeal obstruction, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, vitamin D deficiency or food allergy, are just some of them.

Educating children with asthma

Based on all the above, experts focus on the importance of educating children with asthma with asthma. That is, teach them to detect for themselves when an asthmatic crisis begins.

If they are trained in this recognition, they will do it before the symptoms are so evident that they are already They are detected by parents and long before they go to a doctor to establish treatment, argues the specialist at the Infanta Elena University Hospital in Madrid. An early asthmatic crisis in children is key to improving their quality of life and making living with this disease easier. In this aspect, help to better control the pathology and allow him to carry out all the activities of his age by carrying out the appropriate measures.

Among these activities, sports stand out, which generates different benefits to this type of patient. Thus, having adequate levels of vitamin D is not only ideal for preventing the severity of asthma, but also for strengthening the health of bones, muscles and.

By way of conclusion, Dr. Ruiz Hornillos points out that for these children to be able to practice sports, they must be controlled to adapt to their degree of asthma and. In addition, it should be taken into account that the indicators are better tolerated than intense efforts and prolonged efforts.

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