Ed Sheeran has a feminine side: “When I was a kid I thought I was a bit gay”

English artist Ed Sheeran has such a defined feminine side “to the point that when I was a child I thought he was a bit gay,” he confesses.

Sheeran, from 30 years, he defined himself as a not very masculine person, revealing other details on the subject.

“I definitely have a great feminine side. I love musicals , I love pop music, I love Britney Spears. My masculine side has probably been to drink beer and watch football “, state statements reviewed by the English newspaper The Sun.

Another reason that They made him wonder about his sexual orientation is that he is not a very car man, an element of taste in life associated with masculinity and heterosexuality.

+ Family life

The British pop star said in recent statements that his life changed in recent years after his marriage to his longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, the birth of his daughter Lyra and.

The Four-time Grammy Award winner took a break from work and social media at the end of 2019, after spending two years on the road in support of his album, or Divide.

The artist just presented his studio album =, which in English pronounces Equals, with 14 songs that include the single Bad Habits.