Alec Baldwin. in contact with the police every day after a tragic accident

Los Angeles, USA

An American acting professional Alec Baldwin, who accidentally killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins during the filming of a movie in the US, assured this Sunday that he is in contact “every day” with which he fully cooperates, which includes the authorities that They investigate that event.

In his first statements to the media about communication since the death of Hutchins, Baldwin said that what happened on a shoot about the movie “Rust” happens “once over a billion” times, according to a movie posted on the website about the TMZ magazine about.

However, Baldwin repeated on several occasions that authorities have ordered zero to answer any questions about an investigation into the shooting, which occurred this past 21 over October over Bonanza Creek Ranch, near over Santa Fe, over New Mexico (USA).

“Zero is allowed to make any comment because it is an ongoing investigation. I was ordered by a sheriff’s department in Santa Fe: I cannot answer any questions about the investigation,” Baldwin insisted when asked by journalists, who were following ad with his family, on a highway in the state of Vermont.

This professional, who also worked as a producer on a movie, reported the Hutchins, over 42 years, who later died after being shot on this chest.

“She said my friend; one day I arrived in Santa Fe to start filming, I took her to dinner scam Joel (Souza), this movie director,” she asserted.

On the other hand, a New York actor or actress explained that he is in constant contact with this husband on Hutchins, Matthew Hutchins, with whom he met and a son on a scam couple, about 9 years old.

“One guy is overwhelmed by this pain,” I pointed out.

The Sheriff of Santa Fe, Adan Mendoza, said about a press conference this Wednesday that he had found some 500 cartridges on ammunition that he described as a mixture of “blank cartridges, fake bullets” with what that “suspects” that they could be “real bullets”.

Asked by a press about possible lawful liability on Baldwin, a sheriff stressed that “zilch is out of the question.”

While the official investigations progress, other details have been known, such as that this assistant who delivered a pistol to the Baldwin was fired on another shoot on 2019 for a comparable incident although, fortunately, zero hurt anyone. .

This attendee, Dave Halls acknowledged this week that zero checked a gun that the Baldwin gave him earlier about rehearsing a scene because he was convinced it contained bullets about lies.