A Caja Rural del Sur Foundation renews its commitment to the Film Festival

A film director of the Happening on Ibero-American Cinema on Huelva, Manuel They would. Martn, with the movie director of the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation, Emilio Ponce, have signed the collaboration agreement by means of which this Huelva contest will once again count on support from this entity, which joins the team on institutions with the collaborating film shows.

In this way, as indicated in the press release, a Caja Rural del Sur Foundation will collaborate with an event organization by being present on this development during a development on its edition number 47, which is celebrated from 12 ing 19 over November. Their support for the contest is materialized before “the importance of the cultural event on the first level for the city, in which the Foundation wants to be present showing its support with its collaboration”, as explained by Ponce.

The film director of the Festival, Manuel H. Martn, thanked the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation for the support of this Huelva event, the scam support that shows “the sensitivity of an entity that is already part of life Cultural de Huelva with which, thanks to this agreement, contribute directly to the growth of a primary cultural event in the city “.

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