Natti Natasha launches new movie Zero I want to know

Consolidating this success on her recent master of science album Nattividad, Natti Natasha celebrates her nominations today for the Individuals Choice Honors and Us Music Honors with a release on her new movie Zero I want to know.

This song was inspired by this hit Prepared or even Not by the iconic hip-hop group Fugees, of which Natti was a faithful follower with always thus creating a Spanish version of some of their songs. No Quiero Saber is part of his album Nattividad, which is available on all electronic music platforms.

This music video was directed by an acclaimed movie director Fernando Lugo with filmed about a city over Miami. On the video clip I learned shows an empowered Natti after an argument that her ex-partner has, who wants her back, however, Natti is determined not to let him enter her life again. In the same way, she rejects the men who cross her on this path, she enjoys among friends, a scam time herself with leaves this past behind.

A song was produced by a Grammy-winning producer , IamChino, along with the White Superstar with Gaby Music. I do not want to know it manages to go beyond the digital platforms with this time that includes this new version all, which is born from the classic of music. Through the song, Natti empowers women to connect with their musical tastes with. previously released after debuting as a master of science Spanish album heard during its premiere week on a global Spotify chart. Without a doubt, this success will continue this new movie with, I don’t want to know, where Natti tells a new story within his musical technology rebirth.

Each song on an album seeks to connect with a type About different audiences, and ocean for its sound, rhythm and lyrics, we wanted to create an album that would reach the whole world. There are themes for all tastes. On a case of I Don’t Want to Know it would be one of my favorite songs on the album because I have always been an enthusiast of Lauryn Hill of the Cool Jump Fugees group with I had always wanted to record a song of them with this was this perfect moment. It was a dream come true I personally loved the result with. All the chips were moved to make this happen, said Natti Natasha in a press release. power women have when we make a decision. That was precisely what I wanted to convey in the video: strength, determination, and power, added one of the leaders of female empowerment in the urban genre.

Recently, Prime Video announced the new original series Everybody Loves Natti, a six-episode docuseries that follows the Dominican reggaetn star and will premiere on 19 November exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. With 1 billion views on YouTube (and more than 70 million loyal followers on social media), Nattic shared the most intimate details of his private life, including his relationship with his manager, Raphy Pina, for the first time. the travs about a docuseries time. Together, everybody Loves Natti in, truck to transit their latest album Nattividad, the union of their families, their lives in Miami, their dreams of international fame with a surprise baby on the way.