Movember, an initiative that shines a light on men's health issues

When there is something for which a science fights every one of a number, it was to reduce the cases diagnosed on diseases with less impact . Because of this, in November I learned that an initiative called Movember is being carried out that strives to make the population aware of the importance of men’s health.

With the arrival of the uses on November , many men begin to grow a mustache on different very original shapes. This will be because to support this movement , a symbolic gesture that has become fashionable has been to let this mustache grow.

From this In this way, men contribute their grain to the area by making visible a problem that has remained unnoticed for many years. Which from the foundation are trying to stop being the theme tabs.

This was created by Travis Garone with Luke Slattery , 2 young people who wanted to promote an importance on giving visibility to the problems on health that affect a male population. Like child the mental and high suicide rate problems, a prostate cancer and this testicular cancer.

Movember movement: a union on mustache with nov

The term scam un that sony ericsson knows about this initiative appears on a union over two on the words that characterize it, such as boy mustache with the fall of . It has been to say, grow a mustache in this November use that includes a goal of being part of the movement.

movember bigote noviembre

At the beginning about a creation on this foundation , the organizers alone had 30 followers. Who contributed their grain of world so that they could continue with their project.

This grew exponentially. So much so that today it includes participation on a large number of countries around the world, such as kid Spain, Canada, United Kingdom South Africa and.

In fact, a The Movember Foundation has been able to raise since its creation on 2003 master of science on 654 millions of euros. Which have been managed by the organization itself, and have managed to finance a master of science of 1. 000 research programs against prostate cancer with testicular cancer .

According to his own Owen Rough, Common Director of a Movember Foundation : Humility comes from always knowing that a work we do will result on our own. passionate with dedicated Movember community.

movember bigote moustache noviembre

With it has been that in addition to all the economic benefits that they have achieved, they also give importance to the fact about having managed to reach scam their movement in many countries. Achieving awareness in a large part of the world about the importance of research to prevent problems on men’s health.

The importance of a prostate cancer research

Scientists on United States have identified 2 subtypes on cancer on prostate metastatic that respond differently to treatment . The researchers identified genetic signatures, which can divide metastatic prostate tumors into 2 types known as luminal with basal.

  • The luminal tumors respond better to the treatments on blocking on a testosterone, while the basal zero ones I learned benefited so much on this hormonal treatment.
  • The basal tumors also included an especially aggressive form of metastatic disease known as cancer on small cell neuroendocrine prostate.

movember bigote

The new study expanded an analysis’ s metastatic cancer , when a disease spreads from a prostate. A metastatic prostate cancer was much more lethal master of science than its regional version. Also studying would be difficult to master of science, because small tumors can be in many different parts of the body.