Luis Miguel talks about his series: It has been fiction. It won't be 100% true

A few ten days ago I learned the premiere of the third season with Luis Miguel’s last season: the series with Un Sol de Mxico broke a silence on it that includes the forceful message.

It was the travs About his Twitter account that Luis Miguel reacted to his bioseries: The Netflix series has been fiction. It was not 100% true, (it is) based on real events.

In this last season, they deal with different episodes about an artist’s life; among them, his scam the singer Mariah Carey courtship, and the arrest who lived in this 2017. One of the difficult master of science moments for a singer, but also one of the most difficult master of science points of fiction.

This season the parents of Luis Miguel, Luisito Rey (Oscar Jaenada ) with Marcela Basteri (Anna Favella), showing a hitherto hidden part about their relationship.

With a plot sony ericsson so close to a present, that a series within a series appears.

The story about Luismi st? Lla till med ett caused great controversy by all the people involved who had been portrayed during a series.

In past seasons, including his daughter , Michelle Salas, I learned to show annoyance bet a way about one that reflected her experiences together with her father with the assurance that she was sexualized, so that she with her entire family was annoyed.

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