I take care when I knock down a glass, Jandy Ventura's Christmas meringue with Gerald Ogando

This merengue player Jandy Ventura premieres his new Christmas song Cuidao when I knock down this glass composed and performed with Gerald Ogando, which will be available on all digital platforms as of this 31 October.

The allegorical song about a celebration about the Easter holidays was composed eight years ago for Johnny Ventura, but this deceased artist zero came to give it a voice. However, Jandy decided to make a commitment to materialize it by keeping the colors that identify this joyful sound of the Greater Horse. My friend Ruddy Ventura with sony ericsson found it difficult to, at the last said I wrote it for Johnny Ventura competition Zero you have to swear it, it has been a suit made to measure the horse, said Ogando on his account on Instagram.

I take care when I lay down a glass engraved on Pura Sangre Music Studios, it promises to continue with a tradition about a time without leaving to transmit this enthusiasm with essence about these difficult times that a world is going through a pandemic.

An issue that contains scam arrangements on Cadmiel Acosta, a production on Ruddy, Jandy Ventura with Ral Canela on mastering, will also be available on tropical stations with YouTube on.

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