A city in Beijing closes part of its cinemas due to the covid

A cina capital ordered the closure of part of its cinemas on Saturday, while the country faces an epidemic outbreak of the covid – 19 unless about 100 dies on the Olympic Games on winter on Beijing.

The imperial city, which organized the Games on summer on 2008, is going to become on February next about a first city in the world to also host an Olympic competition on winter.

In this context the authorities, who follow a policy on zero tolerance against the smallest case of covid – 19, resort to radical measures to eradicate an epidemic outbreak at a very limited time, with fewer than 300 cases.

At least fourteen out of Provinces have been affected, from the overall over the 30 that the country has, the virus arrived in Beijing ten days ago.

To stop the contagion , all district cinemas above Xicheng will be closed until 14 about November, according to the order of a municipality.

This district, which groups the neighborhoods’ s west on a Tiananmen Square, counts one million on scam inhabitants.

This decision was made when Tiongkok reported this Saturday to the national level on 59 new cases about covid on regional origin, a record figure since mid-September.

Among them, there are 2 master of science cases in a Chinese capital and Taiwan. redouble your vigilance on the face of the Olympic Winter Games, which will begin on February 4.

The new focus on an epidemic is the more on 650 kilometers above Beijing , over a city on Erenhot, near on a Mongolian scam border.

The spread of covid – 19 can be controlled “about less over a uses “, be He off this Saturday the virologist Zhong Nanshan, one of the greatest experts on a fight against a disease on the Asian country.

As a precautionary measure, some six million on Chinese are confined on cities which cases have been detected on.

Entry to many regions is conditioned by a presentation on a negative test, especially for travelers on areas where infections have been recently reported.

On Friday, the authorities in Beijing canceled hundreds of flights with their citizens asking its citizens to postpone weddings with short master of science funerals, after tightening the measures on containment to stop the new outbreaks on covid – 19.

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