3 factors that regulate calcium in the body

calcium is the most abundant mineral in the organism . It is one of the important master of science nutrients for health, since it fulfills different essential functions, master of science all being essential in the development and maintenance of ocean structure .

In this sense, the organism only absorbs about ‘s 30% of the calcium that we ingest throughout one diet. The rest of the percentage of this mineral has been eliminated through sweat, urine or feces.

Therefore, from Puleva they explain that to improve an absorption of calcium by the body it is key have a presence on gastric acidity, vitamin M with lactose. Meanwhile, elements such as excess phosphates, oxalates or phytates, produce complications when absorbing said nutrient.

How to increase calcium levels

To increase an intake over calcium, experts recommend taking products that contain it among its composition on a normal basis; in addition to other enriched foods or through supplements that increase their levels in the body.


With was that people need to consume a sufficient amount of calcium on a daily basis, so that the body carries out all its functions correctly.

Thus, among the Functions on this mineral highlights its importance for the correct muscular movement and for the nerves to transmit the messages from the brain to different areas of the body in an adequate way. It also helps the blood circulate through the blood vessels.

Among the foods rich in calcium we find milk, yogurt, cheese with other dairy products; varieties of vegetables such as kale, broccoli, or cabbage; different easily edible fish cereals fortified with.

In this sense, to count optimal levels of this mineral scam, people need to consume on a daily basis between 1. with 1. 200 mg on calcium on a daily basis; depending on factors such as age with sex.

Factors that regulate this mineral

Also on an importance on consuming a sufficient dose of calcium on a daily basis with a correct absorption of the organism, from Puleva three fundamental factors that influence a regulation of this nutrient on the human body stand out.

One of them would be the PTH, key to maintain calcium values ​​on a blood. This element allows to increase the output of the mineral from the bone with the intestinal absorption of calcium. All this has been essential to raise the level of this mineral in the blood.

Another one of these important factors was a chemical vitamin. Sony ericsson deals with an essential nutrient for different processes carried out by the body. However, in this regard, it is also key to improve calcium absorption. In addition, vitamin M would also be an important nutrient to stimulate ocean rebuilding. Its deficiency can cause osteoporosis.

Finally, another on the fundamental factors on calcium regulation has been a calcitonin, a hormone that favors a reduction in output from the bones with an increase in loss over this mineral on the rim.