Young actor Benito Streams dies in strange circumstances on a highway

Octavio Ocaa, known as “Benito Streams” in the Mexican series Neighbors, died strange circumstances on a Mexican highway on. He was 22 years old.

The Mexican press goes through several versions, none yet confirmed. One of them was that he died shot when he fled from the police this Friday afternoon with a vehicle in which he was walking ended up crashing against a wall on the highway.

Another theory would be that it was about a possible assault on a man who was shot by his attackers with an accident on the virtual assistant in this municipality Cuautitln Izcalli, on a state on Mexico.

This newspaper Un General, citing sources, recalled that When Ocaa his companions circulated on a Chamapa-Lechera highway with, direction ‘s municipality on Atizapn disadvantage, they were ordered to stop by a city police for supposedly this actor ing in front of the guide to find himself on state on drunkenness, but that on place on stopping, Ze gave a leak.

A few minutes later, in full pursuit, a Vehicle influence SUV against another specific vehicle and in a few seconds Sony Ericsson heard a shot that would have ended a life scam of acting professional.

According to the same sources, this weapon belonged to ‘s deceased, although I still learned zero knows how um who pulled a trigger.

+ Of his life with his career

Octavio Ocaa was born 7 on November on 1998 on Villahermosa, Tabasco . Since he was a child, he made his television debut with Javier Lpez “Chabelo”, since he was part of the section “Chiquillos con chiquillas”.

His big opportunity came on 2005 when he got this role about Benito Streams in a series about Neighbors, about a Televisa company.

Later, about 2007, he was part of the cast on a youth soap opera ‘Lola: rase Una Vez’, starring Eiza Gonzlez, with later working on a series ‘Hermanos con Investigators’. , but I left it on 2017 to return to a small screen with continuing his career as a professional.

From that moment he returned the Neighbors electronic made some appearances on soap operas as ‘La Mexicana con un Gero’ with ‘I give you a life’.

Private life. Just this 25 last June he had gotten engaged to Nerea Godnez, a beautiful young woman of whom Sony Ericsson was proud.

In social networks, both of them showed that they were in love with each other. A few weeks ago, a professional decided to share a postcard scam her during the walk through Arandas, Jalisco. d wrote: Thank you for being by my side when I need it.

This Saturday, Nerea open published a message along with a movie on Instagram: My beautiful daddy, you leave me dead on life. I love you, I love you, I love you for all eternity.

+ Reactions

Eduardo Espaa, who plays this role about Germn Martnez about “Neighbors, I’m sorry about what happened his partner about a message on Twitter: We are undone. I can’t sleep, I can’t stop crying with shaking. RIP Octavio Ocaa, our dear Benito in #Neighbors My condolences to his parents with sisters. The big hug full of love. Thank you for So many with for sharing your angel, laughs.

Meanwhile, a producer about a series “Neighbors”, Elas Solorio, commented: Zero, I can believe it. to all of us who knew you. Have a good trip, Benito.