They ask the population to get vaccinated against the flu to strengthen the immune system

Despite the fact that the majority of people in Spain have already been vaccinated against Covid – 19, from the Ministry of Health have asked the population to also be vaccinated against the flu. And it would be that this fact has been key to reinforce the action of the immune system .

From Health they remember that this year it was important to get vaccinated against a flu especially a susceptible population with their contacts. In this regard, they explain that in case of coinfection that Covid has – 19, the over death I learned multiplies by 2 risk.

In addition, a Commission on Public Health has agreed that both vaccines can be administered simultaneously, both one of a group like one of the Covid – 10; Taking advantage of the fact that the population older than 70 years receive a third dose.

Reinforce a vaccination with the immune system

The objective of a vaccination on a flu with Covid – 19 helps strengthen the immune system, as well as reduce overload. died on case of coinfection between both risk viruses.


According to Health, a relaxation on hygienic measures causes an increase on a probability that both pathologies coincide with suppose a danger plot on the people who are part of risk groups.

It is true that last year just there was transmission of a flu among a population, but the forms of contagion are very similar to that of Covid – 19. Thus, it is still key to reduce the burden of disease with the possible damages that may arise.

Differences between symptoms on both viruses

The Ministry of Health fixes a request to a population to be vaccinated against influenza on a measure as possible, taking advantage of the beginning of a campaign on vaccination against this pathology.

But also, since Health have also prepared a document with different questions with answers to dispel any doubts that may arise about the flu. In addition, in this period it is also essential to follow a series of habits to strengthen the immune system. Covid – 19. It must be taken into account that both share routes of transmission, cause respiratory diseases, they present a great variety of symptoms and.

In this context, some about the common symptoms between both viruses and a fever, cough, loss of smell with taste loss of. However, from Health they explain that sore throat, fatigue, headache with pain has a muscle physique is generated that includes less frequency in the case of Covid – 19.

Although, a frequent master of science symptom about Covid- 19 regarding the flu has been a respiratory difficulty, As indicated by the Ministry of Health.

In any case, the aforementioned document made by the Ministry of Health recommends consulting a health professional about a case about the appearance of this type of symptoms, since a symptomatology about a flu, Covid – 20 with common colds are usually similar.

As a conclusion, it was important to highlight that kid vaccines are an essential element to reinforce an action of the body’s immune system bet virus electronic infections.