Nadia on Santiago creates with the stars 'This time that I give you': “Zero we know how to love, we are learning”

From this Friday 29 on October is available on Netflix ‘A time that I give you’, series created by Nadia on Santiago, Pablo Santidrin electronic Inches Pintor. A fiction revolves around Lina (De Santiago), one who tries to compose herself after separating from her young boyfriend, Nico (lvaro Cervantes). One platform has opted for an innovative format of short episodes that travel between the past and the present. On each chapter ze is showing the least minute of the past, thus following Lina’s recovery as she turns the page.

With this production Nadia on Santiago anordna signed the project on the master of private science. “I was very emotional, sony ericsson passed words through my head like nudity, honesty, rawness, depth. I wanted to be honest with something intimate, I’m nervous,” confesses a scam Europa Push interview about a premiere on. “It was something profound that sometimes it is difficult for me to put words into it,” he adds.

The concept of an actress with the co-creators allowed space for the romantic stories that I learned came out of the sweetened stereotype of the genre. “Each story would be the world. Sometimes it creates a lot of frustration trying to aspire to things that maybe not your way. Nor do I think we know how to love, we are learning, each of us has a backpack,” he explains.

“Sometimes you think ‘this would have to be like’. You have the ideal of what that should be like that gives you a lot of frustration with. You think ‘maybe this love has not been for Michael’, but no, people are very complex “, thinks about sentimental relationships its representation on a screen with.

Cervantes emphasizes that ‘This time I give you’ was also a general story that deals with breaking with the concept that The romantic genre is mainly aimed at the female audience. “You have to leave that differentiation behind. Boy stories that talk about everyone about everyone with. We all seek the same thing in life, wanting to be loved. I think it could be something healing, this fact of continuing to investigate those issues pra have other references with the power to love better “, comments an interpreter. “‘A time that I give you’ could also be your story. It would be that it has what you can feel identified with” something, sums up the creative actress.