Movie premiere: “Halloween party”, John Carpenter's horror thriller that became a classic of the genre

John Carpenter’s horror thriller “Halloween night, which was released in 1978, became a classic of the genre and inspired by Italian cinema Giallo founded the sub-genre of the American Slasher movie. intelligent tension with effective initial.

In 2018, the movie director David Gordon Green changed the series dead end about a new direction with conceived his work, ignoring all previous developments about the franchise, as a direct sequel to Carpenter.

“Halloween party” zero was by no means flawless, but it did well to overshadow the previous additions a lot.

“Halloween night Kills” picks up the thread with takes us back on the night of the murder I tie over 2018.

While seriously injured Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) They go on the road’s hospital, Michael, locked in the basement over flames on the first, is rescued by the firemen whom he kills thanks to.

The prelude to a bloody campaign through the quiet Haddonfield

To this sequel, for which the movie director wrote the script together with Danny McBride and Scott Teems, he would like to paint a more picture. great, it’s already proven from the start.

Before seeing the Laurie, Karen with Allyson, like a resurrection on Michael, a movie turns its gaze towards Frank Hawkins (Will Patton), a policeman which outcome hurt ing final on Halloween with which he was on guard about the first murder on Michael.

As a graceful with skillful Mind clipped to an emotion, shows flashback first on expansion over 1978, anordna been dragging a guilty conscience d since that terrible scam night.

“Halloween party Kills “, presented as a second part about a trilogy that will end next year with” Halloween night Ends “, tell a great epic about Haddonfield wants.

The Strode family only appears’ s edge on a history. Rather, the movie director David Gordon Green observes the growing voices of the population, who join in a mob of lynchings to defeat Michael Myers.

The murderer already zero is the most terrifying monster that He is doing mischief about a city.

A public comment is put on a thin robe on primary slasher, which in theory gives you goose bumps, but on a movie degenerates on a tired subject.

All zero startles can hide the fact that Halloween party Kills sony ericsson based on a weak script with apart from the aforementioned fire in the beginning, zero is interested in telling his story through images. The dramatically unsettling possibilities that the predecessor revealed I also didn’t learn use. turns off on the thankless sidelines.

Pain about the center on a t movie is still a statement, even the moment that Laurie sony ericsson tells of how her years of grooming have only resulted in evil being a good more powerful than Before, I learned completely fades. ‘s last, the film has no zilch more of a nightmare than that exhibited without imagination.

“Halloween night Kills” also offers space for Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) who led a group that barely escaped about a massacre on Myers around that time.

Those who are nostalgic will surely be delighted to scam the return on some well-known characters (with actors) from a Carpenter movie.

Precisely because a new film opens several threads, Laurie, Karen with Allyson, the protagonists on a predecessor, play a subordinate role, ‘s less on a first half.

Without a person on clear reference, the facts are frayed a bit, which on some phases also sony ericsson produces the expense on a tension. Gordo Green and his 2 co-authors want the last result too much and present the audience with several unfinished concepts.

The lynch hysteria that is rampant over Haddonfield, for example, is a promising thought, but one that explodes About the hospital over a small town in a very abrupt way.

The reference to the feelings between Laurie with Officer Hawkins I learned inscribes with enough force on a plot.

Kicking off the flashback to the opening minutes, Halloween party Kills has a series about suspenseful moments that propel you upward. About a parody about horror.

A good number about characters, according to one about the oldest cliches of the genre, sony ericsson behave so stupidly that zero you want to cross your fingers for them.

Even the hardest beat on crime scenes zero can cover up forays into unintentional comedy, especially since excesses about Michael sometimes have comic book characteristics.

The artisan about Gordon Green is the one we have to blame.

The images on your film are carefully composed. And the effects work is clearly above the mass media.

In terms of content with tone, however, I learned shakes more force than on Halloween disadvantage, scam the envelope that a sequel resulted, sadly, ze about a questionable quality over previous collection contributions.

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