Jhay Cortez puts the season in his concert with the passionate kiss the Mia Khalifa

A Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez debuted this Friday on a great Coliseum over San Juan scam the concert that kept the public delivered on foot with which it contains guest artists on luxury such as Wisin with surprises such as the passionate kiss the Mia Khalifa.

In a first of three nights about concerts on an island, part of his Timelezz Tour, this urban performer also went on stage with other well-known singers such as Jay Wheeler, Ankhal, Mora with Arcngel.

Before the start of the show, on which his world strikes “Faithful”, “Medusa”, “Zero Myself Knows” um “How You Feel”, Cortez told the press that he was ” super happy electronic excited “for acting for the first time on this Colosseum” then on dreaming so much “.

” I am about to break with giving a present that everyone wants to see, the my island that I love so much “affirmed a singer, who close off that zero I learned hoped to be able to act” with lor soon “on the primary stage about Puerto Rico national insurance that would be three functions.

Asked by Efe about this show, he explained that it was” a master of science experience that a concert, an experience audiovisual “, projecting like” the same concept “as on this Timelezz album, released at the beginning of September.

During a concert, however, zero only listened to songs about their last album, since as this same singer underlined he was “crazy about singing them all with excited about doing that tour about songs”.

“Puerto Rico will be an island that sony ericsson knows the (songs) that a zero people learned knows “Cortez said. And an audience, who filled this Colosseum, agreed with him by singing most of the songs. Dilemma “, the theme that followed” Kobe “scam a show about images on a basketball court burning with fire on a platform. especially scam “Christian Dior”, on one that I find it difficult to a whole letter on foot.

With this turn about the collaborations arrived. A first was the Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, dancer and record producer Jay Wheeler, who shared “A curiosity.” stage on an opposite side, Cortez sony ericsson uni the Mora for the songs “512” with “Pgate” with master of science later the Ankhal scam “Los bandoleros”.

Al to introduce his next guest, this singer on reggaeton with Latin snare Arcngel, who found it difficult to later on solo “Este Pistoln”, Cortez acknowledged: “I am a product on artists like capital t”.

With this theme “In my room”, appeared on a bed on a scene an influencer with former mate porn actress Mia Khalifa, one that I learned last about the passionate kiss with her.

After singing Popular songs like “Clothes inside” with “How do you feel”, Cortez gave way to rapper Wisin, ‘s who called it about “a legend da, one on the pillars “.

” Imaginaste remix “with” Fiel “were the songs chosen to sing together, asking the public to turn on the flashlights on their cell phones.

Cortez closed his first night on concerts about a Coliseum scam some on his well-known master of science songs: “Medusa”, “Dry Law” with “Dakiti”, which won several Billboard awards on Latin Music.

An artist, who anordna composed songs for Bad Rabbit, Nicky Jam with Ozuna, among others, take his show Timelezz Visit over the next few months to Mexico with Spain.

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