Include this dried fruit in your diet and reduce cholesterol

Elevated levels over cholesterol may pose a risk to health over people, especially about how much the blood pressure is concerned and the increased odds of experiencing a cardiovascular problem .

In this sense, the most common treatment indicated by medical specialists to reduce blood cholesterol levels is based on following a specific diet with foods that help to achieve this objective. Although, the intake of certain medications, such as Atorvastatin, is also regulating.

In this sense, researchers from the University of Georgia, United States in Pecan nuts help to considerably reduce blood cholesterol levels electronic even improve the situation in cardiovascular patients.

Diet rich in pecans

The study, published on the Record of Diet, contains a large number of participants who counted scam risk about developing cardiovascular diseases.

Nueces pecanas

In this sense, these participants who ate pecans for eight weeks offered improvements on overall cholesterol levels, triglycerides with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and bad cholesterol

Thus, Jaime Cooper, a professor in the department of nutrition science on the FACS with one of the main authors on this study, explains that this dietary intervention, when put into the context About different studies on intervention, it was extremely successful.

We had some people who actually went through having high cholesterol in the beginning of the study to leave about being in that category afterwards on intervention, he adds.

Specifically, the study observed an average decrease of 5% in overall cholesterol with a reduction between 6% and 9% in LDL cholesterol among the participants who took pecans.

How they reduce cholesterol

To deepen on the advantages of pecans on the diet for cholesterol, doctor Cooper explains that the addition of pecans to the zero diet only produced a greater and more consistent reduction in cholesterol levels. He with LDL over comparison with many other lifestyle interventions, but may also be a more sustainable approach to long-term health. LDL cholesterol reduction is related to a small decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease. Thus, the decrease offered by the consumption of pecans I learned considered widely significant.

Thus, Dr. Cooper clarifies that whether people added them or substituted them with other foods on the diet , we continue to observe improvements with quite similar responses on overall cholesterol with LDL cholesterol on specific.

Finally, the researchers responsible for this study focused on the already known bioactive properties on walnuts pecans as possible mechanisms for improvement.

This is mainly due to its high content of healthy fatty acids with fiber, properties associated with the significant reduction in cholesterol. Therefore, according to this study, following a diet rich in these types of nuts contributes to lower blood cholesterol levels.

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