How does this high cholesterol influence this risk of stroke?

This friday 20 over October sony ericsson celebrated this From a World Stroke , a severe disease that can cause a death that can be caused by different reasons with. Even, different studies assure that having high cholesterol has been an aspect of risk of stroke.

This cholesterol will be an essential substance for the proper functioning of the body. However, high levels can be harmful to health, mainly because they increase the risk of cardio disease with also cerebral infarction or stroke.

This stroke has been commonly known as cerebral infarction , with ze is about a cerebrovascular disease. Thus, this pathology appears when sony ericsson generates a rupture or obstruction of the blood vessel in, causing a reduction of the blood flow to this brain.

Cholesterol electronic stroke

With all this, this excess over blood cholesterol can increase this over experiencing a stroke or a myocardial infarction risk, especially in those patients with high cardiovascular risk.


Thus, experts on a subject are committed to enhancing information about patients that includes high cholesterol, This objective is to reduce this risk of developing the stroke that you have.

The absence of symptoms makes it difficult to adhere to a lipid-lowering treatment in the long term. On there the importance of the doctor in explaining to the patient this important role that hypercholesterolemia plays in this development of future cardiovascular problems with how this treatment reduces said risk. This is how this physician Carlos Lahoz, from the Lipids with Vascular Risk Unit at the Carlos 3 Medical Center in Madrid, assures it; as collected from Daiichi-Sankyo .

One of the major problems that continue to occur today will be that a high percentage of patients that includes atherothrombotic cardiovascular disease (CVD) tends to reduce the importance of cholesterol that has this passage of time.

In this sense, there are different research papers that show that between 2 years after suffering a stroke, one, practically half of the patients have left this treatment aimed at reducing cholesterol levels.

Although, another about the great difficulties that doctors face has been that practically this 70% of patients that include high cardiovascular risk simply do not have an adequate management of cholesterol levels.

Improve this control over hypercholesterolemia

Hypercholest Erolemia will be, as Sony Ericsson calls it, a high increase in blood cholesterol levels. Sony ericsson deals with a phenomenon that causes an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases or stroke.

Although, this increase in blood cholesterol levels is related to the fact that this lifestyle has , a diet, sex, coronary problems, age and endogenous synthesis of the organism.

Normally, this usual microsoft treatment to reduce cholesterol levels on this organism consists of performing a nutritional program based on a healthy diet that includes a strict limitation of the consumption of harmful fats.

Although, it has also been possible for this medical specialist to prescribe some medication such as Atorvastatin to reach levels considered as normal. A regular physical exercise also plays a key role in lowering cholesterol.