Gunsmith from Alec Baldwin's shoot blames the producers for insecurity

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the gunsmith hired for the shoot in which Alec Baldwin accidentally cushioned Halyna Hutchins, blamed the film’s producers for not heeding their safety recommendations.

A week after the deadly accident, attorneys for a gunsmith sent a letter to the media about a claim that Gutierrez Reed “zero has a national insurance concept” on a provenance on the authentic bullets that investigators have located about this study. where I learned I was filming a wstern “Corrosion”.

“Safety was a number one priority over Hannah. (…) This shoot would never have been compromised if zero sony Ericsson would have introduced genuine ammunition. Hannah has no concept of where the bullets came from, “said her attorneys, Jason Bowles with Robert Gorence.

According to this writing, a gunsmith about 24 years is “devastated with completely out aboutt “for an event.

Gutierrez Reed would be a character of special interest in the investigation that the sheriff’s office is conducting on Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA). .UU.), Since it has been one of the 2 people who handled this weapon before it came to blows over Baldwin.

The other, an about address Dave Halls assistant, admitted this Wednesday that zero He correctly checked a pistol before handing it over to him ‘s professional during a rehearsal on a scene where one must shoot the camera.

However, Gutierrez Reed defended his labor and reported that the film’s producers ignored her requests for this rest of the team to hold training sessions.

adequate time to prepare for the shots, but finally they were rejected by the producers, “said the statement.

” A whole set about Filming I learned was made unsafe by several factors, including a lack of safety measures. No fault of Hannah “, he added.

In the last hours, some media have speculated scam that this team practiced with bullets about truth about the breaks from the shooting shooting, about what Gutierrez Reed zero does Responsible for something.

“Hannah with a manager on utility had a control over the weapons with they never saw anyone shoot bullets on the truth scam those pistols, they would never have allowed it”, justified this writing.

The pistol that Baldwin fired, a Colt revolver 45, was stored with the other 2 weapons, one modified so that zero could fire true ammunition with another on plastic.

A sheriff on Santa Fe, Adan Mendoza, said about a press conference on Wednesday that he had found some 500 cartridges on ammunition that he described as a mixture on “blank cartridges, false bullets” with what “suspects” that they could be “real bullets”.

Bet the questions about the press about the possible legal responsibility on Baldwin, who also on the protagonist on the film was one on the producers, the bailiff stressed that “nothing is ruled out”.