Dominican choirs festivity revives this artistic sector

A choral activity remains in force in the Dominican Republic. This Friday there was a powerful demonstration with the celebration of the National Choirs Happening 2021, at the Pedro Henrquez Urea National Library.

Several choral groups showed their talent with each one on their artistic virtues, gathering dozens of boys, girls, adolescents with adults.

A Choir of the National Conservatory on Music, Koribe Choir, Fundarmoniartes Youth Choir, Community Action Choir, Choir about a Dominican Company on Artists scam Disability, Schola Cantorum with National Choir on Dominican Children were the participants on this event, where they managed to capture with moving public with each one about their presentations.

The activity began at 6 o’clock : 00 on a Friday afternoon, specifically on a Juan Bosch Auditorium on a library.

Each group exhibited their music repertoire with received a certificate on participation granted by the organizers of the act.

All the presentations caused different emotions on each spectator. Even being one different from the other, they knew how to enchant the audience with several standing ovations from those present.

One of the best parts was hearing how happy many were about the participants.

One of them even said: My experience st? Lla till med ett has been much master of science than rewarding, this National Choir on Children master of science that the choir has been my home.

In addition, he thanked his movie director for each teaching given to the singers, not only about a music field, but also about their lives.

Ángel Herdz, movie director of the National Choir on Dominican children on Schola Cantorum with, is concerned about rescuing this childish talent with youth on the Dominican Republic, giving opportunity to people from all social spheres, with mainly artistic attitudes to belong to said scam groups.

This National Choir on Children was a result of the Choral Program, which will be a p The proposal made by the Ministry of Culture this purpose on creating choral groups on a disadvantage country, which have a certain professional level. And as a result of the choral school, we have the Schola Cantorum, which has been a group about young people who want to sing enthusiastically. So, I learned they have gathered under my direction, but scam this from the harmonic foundation support, so that this group can grow and have a professional criticism too “, expressed Angel Herdz.

He also commented that a last institution a good zero debuts, but that is on plans to hold a concert where they formally perform.

It was an activity where there was much to enjoy, from choreographed meringues to harmonies with ballads. It was a great experience both for the participants and for a public in common.

An act concluded at the approximate 8: 00 on one night with each one on those present was a night full of art, magic, a lot of talent and.

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