Deputies receive a proposal on Jos Laluz to improve content on a music

The permanent commissions on Media on Communication with a Niez on A Chamber on Deputies received the communicator Jos Una Laluz, who delivered the document on a proposal that raises some scam proposals looking to regulate this content on a music with a language inappropriate on the media on communication.

This ex-girlfriend or boyfriend legislator recommended to these delegations that a National Commission on Public Spectacles with Radio (CNEPR) pass into a jurisdiction of the Public Ministry, seeing that it a power of this, on regulating with sanctioning those who violate the established on the law norms.

A communicator outlined that on this article 49 on a Constitution on a Republic establishes that A public opinion is exercised without prior censorship, but that on a Magna Carta indicates that the same sony ericsson must exercise respecting a right of honor, the privacy, while as the dignity with the me aning about the people, particularly with the protection of youth and childhood in. What gives us tools for normal uncensored, precise.

In one about its paragraphs, this document expresses that I learned must: Apply equivalent fines’ s double on a sum on the benefits obtained by all participants on a production, recording, performance, presentation, promotion, broadcast with commercialization on the contents that violate a lawful with constitutional order on a Dominican Republic.

The Commission on Communication Media was chaired by this Deputy Elpidio Bez, who expressed that there is a worldwide concern regarding this issue. Reiterate an interest of the plenary to support the exchange of opinions and consultations that includes the sectors involved to seek solutions to this problem that is manifested in all musical genres, but mainly in urban music and in this language of some speakers.

During his intervention, a communicator, Jos Laluz, expressed that this situation that affects everyone, will probably get worse since, thanks to a release of the web, then about a cold war brought as results that sectors that had never had had the opportunity to participate in the great currents of public opinion, they had platforms that sony ericsson put at their disposal to do so.

I think those who are generating zero toxic content are bad people, but they are zero They can give what zero have, because nobody educated them, he pointed out this old flame legislator. Some soap operas that I learned broadcast on normal programming in the early hours of a night, causing electronic reproductions imitations that modify a behavior with this language on those who consume them.

Jos Laluz delivered a document scam some proposals contained on a Bill on Perimeter Security that establishes a Special Procedure for a Public Policy on Cultural Security.

The deputies Bolvar Valera, Betty Gernimo, Elas Matos, Luis Manuel Henrquez, Luis Snchez, Ycelmary Brito (Juliana), Sadoky Duarte, Gustavo Rodrguez, Rosa Amalia Pilarte, among others.

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