An excess of sodium, harmful to the development of multiple sclerosis

Different studies ensure that the consumption of salt with increasing levels of sodium in blood can cause an alteration of the response of the immune system , which is directly involved in the development of multiple sclerosis (Na).

In the same way, different research works also determine that a diet rich in salt can worsen the symptoms of this disease. And it has been that counting that it includes sodium levels that are too high is linked to the greater risk of neurological deterioration.

It must be taken into account that this consumption over salt was the primary source of sodium over a food on the people; Sodium being also the essential nutrient for this correct functioning of the organism. arterial hypertension, as well as developmental on different cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, according to reports from a Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, the latest biomedical research indicates that an excess over salt can also play an important role in this development on autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis.

Sodium with multiple sclerosis

To date, all studies carried out have had a pre-clinical character. This means that solitary sony ericsson have carried out on animals wants, with which I have not yet learned they have tested on humans.


Although, all these pre-clinical studies have determined that following a scam diet high in salt content would be an aspect of risk over an increase on an appearance or a worsening on an autoimmunity on a model on mouse on multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus with colitis.

In this sense, a sodium has been a vitamin that will reverse this effect on regulatory Big t lymphocytes by helping to promote activating Testosterone levels lymphocytes. In this way, it will cause an over-activation of an immune system response, it will favor a development of this type of pathologies with.

Although, as reported by a Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, all this type On studies should be analyzed with caution, because it could be that a zero answer would be the same on tests carried out on humans.

Clinical studies on humans

Regarding the studies carried out on humans’ s respect, it was necessary to emphasize that their will be scarce. However, in the few that have been carried out by sony ericsson, they have found a certain link between excess sodium and an increased risk of worsening in a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In this case about multiple sclerosis, there are studies that suggest a relationship between an inflammatory activity on a disease and rates on clinical exacerbation, with other than zero, qualify from a Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

In any case, a body of biomedical research determines an existence on a possible relationship between a diet high on salt with this development on autoimmune diseases. Although it has still been necessary to carry out further in-depth research on this matter. over salt.

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