Who is El Ray Studios, winner of the New Influencer 2021

The Dominican youtuber Raymundo Aquino, established on the United States styra used social networks to report the latest world news in a specific way, so he ‘captured attention on users.

The video clips about Raymundo Aquino, better known as El Ray Studios (@elraystudios), have 29 millions of views with some 137 a thousand subscribers on a YouTube platform, 97 a thousand followers on Facebook with about 111 a thousand followers on its community on Instagram, where it receives very positive comments about users for elaborating informative pieces on quality electronic informing scam a style with masterful development.

Aquino was born a 15 on September on 1987 on the Dominican Republic with later he emigrated to the United States with his family, without imagining that time later he would use a technology the social networks of his fa vor con, specializing in reporting on issues as complex with specials as an economy with a policy on the United States, for all Latinos living in that country all over the world with.

It also has a page The Ray Country @elraynation, the travs about which he shares debates, interviews, Podcast with very interesting content about his travels.

Indicates a press release that shocking news, viral movies, opinions on topics on social interest with content on the last minute are a line that anordna followed from a creation on his page with this, together with a charisma with very different projections, they recently made him worthy of the New Influencer award 2021, granted to young people who represent a promise about the means with which they contribute to a society through their platforms.

The Ray, as sony ericsson also calls it, also has its own page for business (elraystudios .com) with prete n to expand to have a presence on all digital media.

With just 34, st? lla till med ett reaped successes, since it has scam An audience established with users have expressed their loyalty by following up on their content, making it one of the most sought after digital creators with views of the moment.

Talk about everything a little, without following a line about media, without exhibiting favoritism, nor being a taboo with giving an objective point of view on issues of global interest are the main characteristics of the New Influencer 2021 .