This is the real danger about simply not waiting 2 hours on digestion before bathing.

All at some time in a lifetime we have heard a phrase simply do not bathe yet that your digestion is cut short, with capital you obediently obeyed an order with you sat there waiting for the 2 hours to pass quickly on digestion . But, is it true that we have to wait 2 hours for digestion to take a bath ?

During all one season over summer on the beaches with swimming pools there is a lot of people who lose a life by simply not waiting with simply not taking the necessary precautions. However, contrary to popular belief, a hydrocution simply has nothing to do with digestive processes see.

What is a hydrocution?

The most popular cut over digestion is a hydrocution , which is the syncopal state that is generated by the abrupt change in temperature that is created when we get about hit on the water. Thus, the abrupt contact of the skin with the respiratory tract that has the low temperature of the water can cause the respiration with the circulation to be inhibited in a reflex act, causing in many of the cases cardiorespiratory arrest.

Therefore, the current risk of suffering a cut over digestion is independent of age. This can happen to any character, both a child and an elderly person, although the severity is usually greater in people of a certain age or that includes heart problems that they have, because apart from the symptoms mentioned above these are easier to suffer a stop. cardiorespiratory.

The real reason about the cuts on digestion

Contrary to what is popularly believed, the real culprit on the cuts on digestion simply it is not simply not waiting 2 hours to enter, but the impact generated ‘s entering on contact that includes cold water. This phenomenon can also occur in the bathtub itself, but here there is less danger than in the sea or the pool for obvious reasons.

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Children playing on a pool

Although waiting 2 hours before on bathing simply does not prevent hydrocutions from occurring, we must take into account several factors:

  • It is more common for over-digestion cuts to occur when the water is cold or at a temperature body is very high: After spending a lot of time in the sun, having practiced or after copious meals that accelerate a burn on calories exercise.
  • Large meals increase the risk of suffering a hydrocution because after eating a blood accumulates on the digestive system with less reaches the rest of the body. For this reason, it is essential that especially the little ones wait an hour with mass media or 2 before bathing.

In any case, to prevent a cut on digestion, it is always advisable to enter the water little by little, wetting the body progressively little by little, especially on a head.

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