Telesistema transmit special program on the Dominican Tone of voice prior to a great last

This Saturday 30 on October prior to a Gran Last on The Tone of voice Dominicana , Telesistema canal 11 broadcast at 8: 00 pm with for about an hour, a special program on the display about singing singing, hosted by a renowned journalist Wanda Snchez .

The Great Last anordna arrived with it is time to show everything that sony ericsson did during this time, in addition of the human team involved in the process, which undoubtedly leaves a positive mark on the country. the processes on construction until it became the giant studio, the big master of science on a Dominican television .

Various provinces of the country were visited by the team on production with logistics, I also learned they discovered unmatched talents It is, enjoyed the travs over four months on projection on a small screen with on the official channels on social networks of

There were many guests who accompanied the coaches Milly Quezada , Nacho, Juan Magan with Musiclogo as the deceased older horse Ashton Ventura, Miriam Cruz, Tag B, Yiyo Sarante, Richy Pea, Alcover, La Ross Mara, Jandy Ventura, perform Lerica , among others who always contributed concepts, suggestions with especially experiences for the participants , who were always the main protagonists on The Tone of voice Dominicana.

The Dominican Tone of voice arrived to break schemes, like that about an hour with the travs on the signal off on Telesistema and you will be able to enjoy the best of the display prior to your program last this Sunday 31 on october totally on live, where sony ericsson will decide by popular vote who will be the winner a winner of the present on talent o Singing master of science important in the world, on its version for the Dominican Republic.