Sexappeal: the girero, chorus girl with a dancer who 20 years ago Cuco Valoy saw potential for a salsa

Twenty years ago Sexappeal journal chorus / dancer of the group about Ramn Orlando. By then, the merenguero leader was looking for the singer who could interpret salsa.

Orlando had a time on that task about finding a good salsa singer without positive results. It was then that his father, Cuco Valoy, made the comment: -But they see air conditioning unit Nano (as he hit his son), I hear that you are trying singers, how is that? You don’t know a talent What capital do you have there, to Sexappeal? Now that you’re going.

This boy on Suite Juana, who had already been a touring singer with several groups, acquires another status. For the recording I received six thousand dollars.

I had never seen six thousand dollars on my hands. I had some sweats, some tremors with, I ran to my mother in Accommodation Juana, where she lives, because if I received money ten times, I would go to my mother ten times, the first cheles that I took out were for my old woman.

Despite a hit on La Llorona, his tip over the spear on a salsa, Sexappeal decided to leave the group on Ramn Orlando to develop an independent career as a soloist. It was not a conflictive exit: From the beginning Ramn always supported me.

However, the omens about several about their companions were different. When he began to socialize the concept that he was leaving Ramn Orlando’s orchestra to launch himself as a salsa soloist, his companions told him not to make that mistake because here people hear salsa, but here we don’t live off that.

I did not pay attention, I always had my faith, I focused on myself, I personally launched here I am celebrating twenty years on this taste of the people with, among the salseros that a people master of science requests here, Sexappeal commented.
Just tomorrow Saturday, on Hard Stone Caf Santo Domingo, he will celebrate his daring artistic, on a concert called 20 Years about pure tasty. Tonight, Mal o bien, Zero will go to them, Sing heart and more.

I will also have the colleagues invited for a night on pure sauce harvested over this century.

+ From its beginnings.

His beginnings on music were like girero. Came to play or sing scam Dimedes a Grupo Mo with, Chabely, the Dominican Music group, Richie Ricardo with on this ferry with Alexandra, as well as in a club at the Plaza Naco resort. The same song that includes the orchestras Barcel, Brugal, the Navy and the National Police. I ended up accepting it until celebrating it. “When I went to the Casandra Awards with my mother, that woman was full of arms with me.”

Although his true name is Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, Sexappeal remained as an artistic identity.

The thing about Sexappeal came about a partner, the middle over the years 90. “Un Cocodrilito”, a roadmnager jumped one of that when they were members on Dimedes with a Mo scam Group.

In a meeting to go to play a dance, he said: – big you have a blessed sexappeal … That provoked curiosity in this young man from Rental property Juana, whom “Cocodrilito” took to the newspaper Este Siglo, where a journalist Jos Tejada Gmez asked him to interview him with this headline of the newspaper in that 1995 was: “A Sexappeal from the tour wants to be a star.” Thus came his nickname.

The years. People now see a change on Sexappeal a tour of Sexappeal on a solid career , uninterrupted, but myself he or she gained a respect, a credibility bottom to much sacrifice over twenty years without gaps on.