How to act in the absence of vitamin D

vitamin D is a nutrient essential for the health of people , being necessary to have some optimal levels in this regard. Thus, when a person is deficient in this vitamin, different health conditions can appear.

It must be clear that the lack of vitamin D does not manifest itself through different clear symptoms. Therefore, the only way to know what our levels of this vitamin are is by performing a blood test.

If the results show vitamin D deficiency, we should carry out a treatment aimed at increasing the levels of this nutrient in the body, since its presence is vital for the development of different functions.

Main characteristics

One of the main problems caused by a lack of vitamin D is the appearance of osteoporosis, a disease characterized by the fragility and weakness of the bones. And it is that this vitamin is key for a better absorption of calcium.

Alimento Vitamina D
Food source

However, vitamin D deficiency also causes different conditions, such as skin diseases, growth retardation, constipation, muscle weakness, gum disease or an inadequate functioning of the immune system.

In addition, numerous experts assure that the lack of this vitamin increases the risk of developing different serious diseases, including different types of cancer or cardiovascular pathologies.

On the other hand, specialists also warn that as we age the body loses the ability to synthesize vitamin D; mainly from 50 years.

How to react to a lack of vitamin D

To increase vitamin D levels we find different methods. The main sources of obtaining this nutrient are the ultraviolet rays of the sun, different food and vitamin supplements, in this order.

Therefore, moderate sunbathing during the day helps to increase the values ​​of this vitamin. Exposure of the skin to radiation alone causes the body to synthesize this vitamin through a complex process.

In any case, experts recommend moderate exposure to avoid any type of disease skin related to. The good news is that for the body to generate vitamin D it is only necessary to expose key areas such as arms, legs or face to the sun, and for a few 30 minutes a day.

During the times of the year when the hours of sunshine are scarce, it is necessary to stimulate the increase in vitamin D through food. Thus, the foods richest in this nutrient are mushrooms, egg yolks, oily fish or enriched dairy products.

On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient , so it is appropriate to incorporate healthy fats in our diet to enhance their absorption. Among these foods we find extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts or seeds.

Finally, a last alternative to increase the values ​​of this nutrient is to go to vitamin D vitamin supplements. Sometimes other nutrients may also be combined with, such as vitamin K.

Although, before starting any treatment of vitamin supplements, it is advisable to have the supervision of a medical specialist with.