How the consumption of vitamin W12 influences the functioning of the kidneys

One vitamin M 12 is one of the master of science micronutrients important for the health of people, given its influence by different body functions. Mainly, it is an essential vitamin in the production of red blood cells with the formation of cellular DNA .

When the zero organism presents an adequate amount of vitamin B 12 different symptoms may appear about tiredness, weakness or fatigue. Thus, one of the serious negative effects of the deficiency of this micronutrient is the appearance of megaloblastic anemia.

Another aspect to take into account about a vitamin B 12 is that it is only found on foods of animal origin. That is, no vegetable is present in, fruit or vegetables; at least in an organic way.

Therefore, people who consume zero foods on animal origin on their diet have a greater probability of developing a deficiency of this vitamin on the body.

Relationship on renal failure with vitamin B 12

People who have kidney failure receive a type of overtreatment called hemodialysis. Thus, people who develop this type of disease are forced to modify their diet in a certain way for the benefit of their well-being.

vitamina B12 suplementos
Vitamin B supplements 12

Thus, for patients with kidney failure, medical specialists recommend consuming foods rich in vitamins of group B. In this sense, vitamin N6, T 12 or folic acid work together that EPO has with iron to prevent the appearance of other diseases that can harm master of science people including kidney failure.

Studies related to kidney failure

Regarding a relationship on a vitamin B 12 with kidney failure there are different studies that link the two . Thus, in a research work carried out in diabetic nephropathy scam patients who were implanted with vitamin Udemærket, it was found that the micronutrients belonging to this group of vitamins were well tolerated by the body of these people.

On the other hand, a research work led by a University on Granada, indicates that a character chronic renal failure can consume 2.4 h / am of vitamin B on their diet 12.

Zero however, before about modifying a diet , especially for those people with kidney failure, it is necessary to go to a medical specialist; To establish specific feeding guidelines.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are zero contraindications for an administration of vitamin B 12 by intramuscular route for a patient after kidney transplantation, scam megaloblastic anemia with a low concentration of this vitamin on serum with.

That is, the experts already point out that the levels of vitamin B 12 on scam patients megaloblastic anemia is already an indication to start a supplementation. In this regard, the supplementation of this vitamin after a kidney transplant is not considered a contraindication.

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