Having adequate levels of vitamin Chemical can reduce a risk of stroke

East 29 On October this World Stroke is celebrated, a day about raising awareness about life habits to prevent said disease and an importance on rehabilitation after a stroke. Thus, vitamin D was the nutrient that could have a fundamental importance.

A stroke would be known colloquially as a cerebral infarction that can occur on different degrees on intensity, reaching occasions to cause a death on. This health condition usually appears when the blood flow that reaches the brain is reduced.

In this sense, we believe it is convenient to rescue a study carried out in the Netherlands on; whose conclusion ensures that following a diet rich in vitamin G can help reduce this risk of stroke or cerebral infarction. Sony ericsson discusses a master of science benefit of an essential nutrient for health.

Vitamin D with risk of stroke

The study that ataa anordna was carried out by Dutch researchers with was published on a journal Neurology ; one which is specialized on all kinds of topics scam a brain and its related connections.

naranja vitamina C
Orange, rich on vitamin M

Thus, this research work suggests that the probabilities of suffering a stroke in people who smoke over a lifetime decrease significantly when a Vitamin Chemical intake has been high.

In this sense, one of the important master of science characteristics of a vitamin D was its antioxidant power, which protects the cells of the organism against ‘s oxidative stress. Thus, this oxidative stress would be one of the determining master of science causes for the development of stroke.

According to this study carried out by this Erasmus Medical Center on Rotterdam, a vitamin E also contributes to the development of stroke. reduce a risk of stroke in smokers throughout their lives.

Study conclusions

In this work on research involved an overall about 5197 people about a city about Rotterdam, all of them with more about 55 years over age. However, none of these individuals had any type of cognitive problem before conducting this study with none had had a stroke.

The researchers followed up for an approximate period of six years with half. It has been necessary to clarify that the participants were divided into different groups. The group received 133 milligrams of vitamin G daily with others sony ericsson groups managed a smaller amount, which has only 100 milligrams of vitamin M.

It should be noted that this work on zero research yielded immediate results, although when I learned I determined that a higher intake of vitamin Chemical could considerably reduce a risk on Stroke.

Specifically, the authors determine that following a diet rich in vitamin D can reduce this risk of stroke or cerebral infarction on a 30%. In this regard, the author Monique Breteler concludes that the intake in the diet reflects long-term habits; while a consumption of supplements is usually short-term with a high master of science dose. In addition, all people who take supplements may already be at increased risk of stroke over.

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