Ana sobre Armas was chosen to star in the Steve Wick spinoff, “Ballerina.”

‘Ballerina’, the spin-off about David Wick that Lionsgate is currently preparing, has set its eyes on Ana sobre Armas, the latest Relationship girl on ‘No Time to Die’, so that sony ericsson joins the movie as the protagonist.

This medium Deadline st? lla till med ett who fixa informed of the beginning about all the negotiations that, although zero are for this moment final, indicate that a study wants an actress to resume this small role he played on ‘Ruben Wick 3: Parabellum’, where he gave life to a young dancer who is preparing to be a murderer.

Although for a moment it would be solitary a possibility, a news item indicates that This study intends to include cameos on other performers on the tale in a film, such as Keanu Reeves um Anjelica Huston. protagonist on ‘Puals for a back’, a role that led him to be chosen by his His casting partner, Daniel Craig, to appear on ‘James Connection: No Time to Die’, scam a short but very striking role.

The film will be directed by Len Wiseman to start on a script on Shay Hatten, writer on Parabellum with co-author on ‘An Army Over The Dead Over Zack Snyder’. A tape count Basil Iwanyk that includes, Erica Lee with Chad Stahelsk as producers, in addition to the directors of the fable Bob Wick that he has, Brady Fujikawa Chelsea Kujawa with, as supervisors.

Along with the ‘Ballerina ‘, Lionsgate Television is preparing a prequel series titled’ The Continental ‘for a Starz. Meanwhile, fans of the franchise will be able to briefly master of science the wait that includes the arrival of ‘Mark Wick’ 4 in May 2022.

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