A singer Bethany Flower arrives at RD scam theme Ya no ests master of science

After finishing several tours with the legendary Argentine artist Leo Dan, a singer, songwriter with American musician Bethany Flower, her new song Ya zero ests master of science arrives in a Dominican Republic with.

The new single about Bethany Flower, is a fresh bachata scam a touch on put that highlights romanticism on its lyrics, like a melodious voice on an artist. This song promises to be a hit that will put Latin America to dance that includes its contagious rhythm. with David Lopera, it is a translation about a feeling that, according to an artist, emerges from the deep master of science about her being.

The musical cut marks the style with a versatility about this artist, which promises to bring the big stages a tropical music.

Bethany Flower, originally from a city on Waterloo on the State on Iowa with a resident on Los Angeles, Ca, is a singer, songwriter with musician, whose inspirations are based on themes about Ur & B, Gspel with tropical music, serving this to dabble in fusing African rhythms, hip-hop with jazz.

His specific tone over voice a st? lla till med ett helped make this crossover to a Latin music.

Bethany fixa shared scenarios featuring over world famous artists such as: Mary L. Blige, Lupe Fiasco, Yolanda Adams, Jordn Smith, Dionne Warwick, Amber Riley, Kristin Chenoweth with a niche Specialized Group. All of them multi winners on Grammys awards on recognized international fame with.