World Stroke Day 2021: Tips to prevent it

The stroke is a cerebrovascular accident that occurs when there is a break or obstruction in the blood vessels. It is a disease in the field of neurology that affects the brain and the heart .

We have Remember that neurological diseases , such as stroke, are the most common among people with disabilities. In fact, the 44% of people who survive a stroke develop severe disability due to the resulting damage.

As specified by the World Health Organization (WHO), heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents are usually acute phenomena that are mainly due to obstructions that prevent blood from flowing to the heart or brain.

The most important causes of heart disease and Strokes are an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco consumption and harmful alcohol consumption.

In Europe they die 631. 000 annually for this cause and, of them, 40. 000 they are Spanish. A year there are some 120 . 000 new cases. In fact, a stroke occurs every six minutes in Spain, an alarming health fact.


Each 29 October commemorates World Stroke Day. This day has the objective of disseminating the scope of this disease, its consequences and prevention measures as key aspects to reduce the risk of this devastating pathology.

Stroke is the leading cause of mortality among Spanish women and the second in men, according to data from the Study Group of Cerebrovascular Diseases of the Spanish Society of Neurology (GEECV-SEN).

Types of ictus

Experts differentiate two types of stroke according to the mechanism of the injury:

  • Ischemic stroke (or cerebral infarction) caused by obstruction of blood flow.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke (or cerebral hemorrhage) in which the rupture of a vessel causes the outflow of blood and the compression of structures of the central nervous system.

Although some patients present similar symptoms, they may develop stroke by different mechanisms.

Ictus ácido úrico

Specialists emphasize that identifying the reason why has produced the stroke is momentous. And it is that this will be the factor that determines the type of treatment in the acute phase and in the therapeutic plan to avoid its repetition.

Tips to prevent a stroke

According to experts, it is possible to prevent a stroke. For this reason, the Spanish Society of Neurology recommends a series of healthy habits to avoid suffering a stroke:

  • Eat a rich and healthy diet : You have to try to avoid LDL cholesterol, which is achieved by reducing saturated fats . In addition, this way obesity problems are avoided, which greatly reduces the possibility of stroke.
  • Carry out exercise in a regular and moderate way: The problems derived from a sedentary life can cause other problems that in turn cause a stroke.
  • No smoking: In addition to not smoking, one must be attentive to passive exposure to tobacco, which also increases the probability of suffering a stroke .
  • Moderate alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption does not must exceed 80 grams per day, but this does not mean that it should be avoided at all costs: those with a slight consumption (less than 10 grams per day) or moderate (between 12 and 24 grams per day) of alcohol have men more likely to suffer a stroke than those who do not consume it.
  • Take a control of blood pressure on a regular basis: For this, blood pressure checks can be carried out. In those people who have not suffered a stroke before, blood pressure should be lower than 130 / 90. In the case of diabetics or people who have already suffered a stroke, less than 130 / 80.

Following all these healthy habits does not They will assure you that you cannot have a stroke. From Todo Disca we remember that the information presented in this publication does not replace in any case the diagnosis or indication by a medical specialist. Before any symptoms it is essential to consult a medical specialist and not to self-medicate without their supervision.