The importance of oral hygiene to prevent cavities

The oral hygiene is not only necessary to show off a beautiful mouth or avoid bad breath. A correct oral cleaning is synonymous with health and prevents the appearance of infections or cavities, which can cause great pain to the patient.

Thus, tooth decay is an infectious disease that spikes on the mouth and that can appear due to different factors. However, one of the main factors in the development of caries is related to oral hygiene. consumption of foods rich in sugar.

Professionals regarding Vitis explain that excess consumption of sugars can cause that bacteria generate a drop in pH and stimulate the formation of cavities on the teeth sector.

The importance of oral hygiene

Despite the danger that the presence of caries can pose for health, it is about a condition that can be easily prevented. Mainly, thanks to a correct oral hygiene, a healthy one with limiting the consumption of sugars food.

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Complete oral hygiene requires deep brushing, care electronic flossing, including mouthwash. In addition, it should be noted that there are toothpastes with an anticaries function with a disadvantage.

Another radical basic aspect about interproximal cleaning. The interproximal area is the one between the teeth space, where it is easier for food debris to accumulate other bacteria due to the difficulty of access and.

When bacterial plaque accumulates on the interproximal area increases the risk of caries appearance with other periodontal diseases. Thus, the best way to eliminate the remains of the interproximal area is by using care dental floss, the type that best suits the characteristics of our teeth.

Finally, it is important to finalize the correct hygiene oral scam the sachet mouthwash or use mouthwash. It is an ideal way to complement brushing and the use of oral floss, in addition to preventing the development of cavities.

Symptoms about cavities

Caries on its first zero phase has hardly any symptoms. However, as this oral condition worsens, it can generate different signs that affect the person with great consideration:

  • Sensitivity to sweets.
  • Tooth pain.
  • A gap over the area.
  • White spots um browns on the tooth surface.
  • Infection that can cause a pocket over pus. May lead to swelling, pain with fever.

For all this, it is essential to carry out correct oral hygiene on the one from one to one to reduce the risk of cavities. Although, if it develops, dental experts emphasize the importance of treating it on time.

Con is that when the caries is in an advanced stage it tends to attack the dentin . At this time, the periodontal ligaments, the spindle with the gingiva, are usually damaged, causing pain of high intensity. Thus, not treating a cavity properly can lead to overall tooth loss.

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