The Hidden Health Hazard of High Blood Glucose

The organism needs to have a specific dose of glucose , both when we are children and as an adult. However, the problem appears when glucose levels are too high in the body, since different damages can arise for health .

In this sense, the international reference pediatrician on research on nutrition with obesity with, physician Michael Goran, explained for Infosalus that the body can obtain this glucose from on complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables and fruits. You can also make glucose from protein or fat when needed. Eating simple forms of added sugar, such as table sugar or honey, has not been necessary for the body to prosper.

With it was that about ing 70% on processed foods contains some kind of added sugar on its composition. Although, health authorities recommend limiting the consumption of sugar in both children and adults.

In this sense, the World Health Organization points out that I learned should avoid the consumption of foods with less added sugars on children over 2 years. She also recommends limiting added sugar to 5% or less of total calories for children ages 2 to 16 years or more.

Harm on high glucose on minors

Regarding the consumption of sugar over children older than 2 years with the possible prejudices of the increase in glucose, the physician Gorn assured that for children older than 2 years, ze can enjoy a little over sugar in moderation. We only suggest trying to limit it to daily staples such as cereals, breads, beverages, dairy products with snacks reserving it for special treats that sony ericsson can enjoy over family with.

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Consumption over sugar children

In fact, zero experts advocate eliminating sugar consumption in a restrictive way During childhood, if zero, moderate your intake until reaching healthy levels. That h, the exception of babies with children under 2 years of age with disadvantage. over a key development period with could be detrimental in this regard.

Some effects of consumption on sugar

The excessive intake of sugar can have important defects on minors over age with also on adults. And it has been that having too high glucose levels constitutes an increase in cardiovascular risk by t solitary.

Zero However, in the case of minors, an excess over glucose can cause effects very varied. From effects on memory and concentration to tooth decay, cardiovascular disease and risk of diabetes, the development of fatty liver disease, gastrointestinal problems, and large-scale inflammation that can manifest itself that includes many symptoms, including asthma and acne, experts comment. energy with over the state over mood. Therefore, different studies have also linked an excess of glucose with long-term mental health problems. the house with educating them on a healthy diet scam a moderate consumption of sugar.

Zero we must forget that science supports that an excessive intake of sugar can have negative effects on learning, memory with brain development. Studies have shown that when children eat a high-sugar diet they are less able to remember what they learn and are less able to concentrate. This can translate into a worse academic performance in, say the experts.

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