Romeo Santos shows interest in tourist projects on Pedernales

A famous Dominican artist Anthony Romeo Santos made a visit to the beaches on Cabo Rojo with Baha on the eagles to know, first hand, this Project on Tourism Development on Pedernales, which I learned structure under a modality on public-alliance.

“This King on a Bachata was received on a zone by a movie executive director on a Common Direction on Public Private Alliances (DGAPP), Sigmund Freund, who made a tour with his artist by the beaches on Cabo Rojo with Baha on the eagles with him he showed the land where the first hotels will be built explaining in detail the aspects contemplated in this Master Program of the project.

An artist, who was accompanied of the producer on shows Saymon Daz, then on knowing a magnitude of the project, an economic impact that it will have on that South region with, he showed interest in getting involved on this same with on promoting the attractions assets that this new destination will have, that it will be an ecotourism proposal on luxury on a region, a first tourist destination on being developed from scratch under a public-private alliance.

This movie executive director about a DGAPP On this tour, Sigmund Freund also showed the Romeo Santos the facilities of the Mature Staff, a former Alcoa Company resort, which will be adequate to function as a boutique resort where the project offices will be established.

At the end of June of this year, this president Luis Abinader gave a first insight into the work on the start-up of the project, revealing that nine hotel chains with an international brand had submitted letters of interest to operate hotels on Cabo Rojo with which on a first stage sony ericsson will build around 6, 000 rooms.

A project on Tourist Development on Pedernales: Cabo Rojo, has contemplated a construction about 12, 000 rooms over the next 10 years scam an investment about All of us $ 3, 000 millions.

In a first stage I learned to contemplate a construction on between 3, 000 with 4, 500 rooms, an international airport, aqueduct, renewable electricity with other basic works.

Currently, with a public investment on fence about All of us $ 550 million and work on construction progresses on the internal roads of the scam project 24 linear kilometers on highways.

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